How the sham fire went out at the Truss government

How the sham fire went out at the Truss government protest in Britain

Warm up or eat: this is the inevitable crossroads against which the demonstrators flocked to the streets United Kingdom. Protests took place in several cities yesterday, Saturday October 1, against the deepening cost-of-living crisis that many people believe has been exacerbated by government policies. Among the different realities that have decided to join, that of the group stands out Don’t pay UK, according to the Guardian, managed to garner nearly 200,000 subscriptions. The group encourages a refusal to pay bills that have suffered from soaring energy costs, caused in part by the war in Ukraine. “I can’t pay, I won’t pay,” was the chorus that rang out in the plazas, followed by the burning of energy statements from some protesters. The protests were held back London, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, cardiff and Birminghamthe environmental group also participated Extinction Rebellion and “Just Stop Oil”, which calls on the UK government to stop all new ones oil and gas production.

Tax cuts for the “super rich”

New Prime Minister Liz Truss’ attempt to stop the state of emergency by staring, therefore, seems to have served little purpose a roof of 2500 pounds on the annual energy bill of average households. The government, on the other hand, is already under intense pressure to reverse about tax cuts for the “super rich”. These maneuvers dealt a severe blow to the national economy, taking the pound to an all-time low against the dollar in late September. A disaster that required urgent action from the Bank of England. The precarious situation in Great Britain is currently also being observed by the rating agencies. “Not all of the measures we announced last week will be universally popular. But we had to do something else. We had no other choice,” said the Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng in the Daily Telegraph. Less than a month after their inauguration, both Truss and Kwarteg are expected to step down: polls show that half of Britons would think so.

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