1672675164 How much will Cristiano Ronaldo earn at Al Nassr in

How much will Cristiano Ronaldo earn at Al Nassr in the next 2 seasons?

How much will Cristiano Ronaldo earn at Al Nassr in

Cristiano Ronaldo signed for him Al Nasser from Saudi Arabia and rumor has it that he will end his glorious professional career in the Middle East, where he will face Peruvians Christian Cueva, AndrĂ© Carrillo, Alex Valera and Christofer Gonzáles. The Portuguese striker didn’t have many options after his departure from Manchester United. However, Christian Ramos’ former team’s offer was very high and hence he will be the highest paid player in the world.

How much will Cristiano Ronaldo make at Al Nassr?

In this new phase of life, the 37-year-old forward will become the highest-paid footballer in the world with a salary of 200 million euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first words as an Al Nassr player

After being announced as a new Al-Nassr player, Cristiano Ronaldo He had his first words for his arrival at the Arab Club. “I’m looking forward to a new experience in another league and in another country. The vision that Al-Nassr has is very inspiring,” said the captain of the Portuguese team.

“I am very happy to join my teammates and contribute to more success,” he added.

When will Cristiano Ronaldo debut Al-Nassr?

If there weren’t any major downsides, “CR7” would premiere at Al-Nassr’s house. The leaders of the competition will be hosted next Thursday, January 5th at Msool Park Stadium Al-Tai for the 12th round.

Which channel will broadcast Cristiano Ronaldo vs Al-Nassr games?

This is one of the points of greatest concern among fans. As is well known, as indicated by Ideal Score, The Saudi Arabian First Division is only broadcast locally via the SSC (Saudi Sports Company) network and its rights will not be marketed in other countries.

However, one option being considered is for networks like ESPN or DirecTV Sports to acquire the rights to Al-Nassr’s games.

The day Cristiano criticized the players retiring in the Middle East

In 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo, in an interview with an English media outlet, questioned the decision of some players who chose to play for a club in the Middle East or in the USA in the last years of their career. “I want to end my career on a high and with dignity at a good club and not play in the United States, Qatar or Dubai like other footballers have done. That doesn’t seem right to me, I don’t see myself that way,” he said.