How much is the 2 euros with the eagle worth?  The shocking answer

How much is the 2 euros with the eagle worth? The shocking answer

The 2 Euro is one of the most common and recognizable coin shapes in the European context, but also one of the “most” culturally accepted in an absolute sense, and as it is the highest value issue in the Eurocollection, the reason is easily explained.

How much is the 2 euros with the eagle worth? The shocking answer

In fact, the 2 euros constitute the “basic format” of the commemorative issues regularly issued by the nations of the euro zone since 2004. These are coins created by individual realities to honor and commemorate important events or figures and to date there are more than 400 from all nations using the euro.

However, the “traditional” ones, ie regularly produced in large quantities, are the most common, but often also the most symbolic and relevant in the absolute sense, since they often have very ancient symbols, as in the case of the German eagle.

As a symbol of the Germanic Empire and the German nation, the eagle is still part of Germany today, a nation that was one of the founding countries of the European Union, and the cultural, economic and social center of the old continent. The eagle is present on both the 1 and 2 euro coins and they are also quite common and easy to find in Italy.

Compared to almost all other nations, Germany does not use a single mint for minting coins, for this reason each coin has a letter on the coins shown in lowercase to define which one it belongs to:

  • In Berlin
  • Q: Munich
  • Q: Stuttgart
  • G: Karlsruhe
  • J: Hamburg

The rarest 2 euro coins with the eagle are those from 2004, bearing the mark of the Stuttgart Mint (F) and the mark of the Karlsruhe Mint (G), much rarer because they were not intended for a large mintage since they Part of the division are kits for collectors.

This means that a single specimen in perfect condition is worth up to 150 euros, while all other coins are worth no more than 3-5 euros.