How much does the Sanremo Festival 2023 cost on the Costa Smeralda    in Italy

How much does the Sanremo Festival 2023 cost on the Costa Smeralda in Italy

Sanremo 2023 Emerald Coast

The anticipation for the grows Sanremo Music Festival 2023: The 73rd edition of the music festival dedicated to Italian song will take place from February 7th to 11th at the famous Ariston Theater in the famous Ligurian city.

As has been the case for some time, it is also possible to follow the festival this year Emerald Coastthe majestic cruise ship that offers a unique and exclusive program in line with our country’s most important song festival.

Sanremo 2023 on the Costa Smeralda: This is how much the tickets cost

The sale of tickets Boarding the Costa Smeralda of the Sanremo Festival has already started in December: the requests are very high to be able to try a unique experience in the name of music. Interested parties can choose from three main packages, which differ in prices and programs.

The package Preview of Sanremothe best selling thing 489 eurosor per person and lets you meet big names in the kitchen, such as the Maestro Iginio Massari and chef Edoardo Fumagalli. With this package you can follow the opening of the Sanremo Festival psalm aboard the Costa Smeralda on February 7th, and also attend the exclusive and very entertaining show of Angelo Pintos.

Grand Finale of Sanremo it is the intermediate package that costs 869 euros per person and offers something special, such as the opportunity to attend the performances of the singers who board the Costa Smeralda and to take part in the “hands on” workshop of Maestro Iginio Massari. Plus, the tickets in this package give you the opportunity to meet up Bruno Barbieri, juror of Masterchef and one of the star chefs in Italy. Everything until the last evening, which opens with the performance of Salmo.

The first two packages last 5 days, while the Complete experience of San Remo it takes 9 days and costs 1,299 euros per person: Those who opt for this solution experience an exclusive all-round experience in a festival atmosphere with front-row access to the VIP ground floor.

Many activities are planned for Sanremo 2023 on the Costa Smeralda, starting with the performances of the great artists. In addition to Salmo, who will perform on the opening and closing nights, there will be performances by Guè, Takagi & Ketra on the cruise ship’s sea stage fedezthe latter in the ranking of the most listened to Italian singers on Spotify in 2022.

The exclusive event cruise also includes tastings, previews, workshops and sports courses: a spectacular aperitif dedicated to a musical genre is planned every day. There are also two departures to the ground: an excursion accompanied by an experienced guide and an independent experience with a transfer to Sanremo.

Sanremo Festival: the program

For the fifth time in a row he is the conductor of the Sanremo Festival amadeus. The artistic director will be accompanied throughout the event by Gianni Morandi and various co-moderators. Clare Ferragni on the opening night and during the final, Francesca Fagnani on the second night, volleyball player Paola Egonu on the third night and Chiara Francini on the fourth night.

A total of 28 artists will take part in the Sanremo Festival 2023: the winner, unless he opts out, will take part in the‘Euro Vision Song Contest planned in Liverpool. Outstanding debutants on the Ariston stage include Ariete, Mara Sattei, Lazza, the Articolo 31s and the Cousins ​​of Campagna. Great returns for GeorgiaAnna Oxa, Paola and Chiara and Gianluca Grignani.