How do I get work and residency in Canada?  We tell you    Cuban directory

How do I get work and residency in Canada? We tell you Cuban directory

Canada is one of the countries with the best quality of life and development in the world, an ideal destination for Latin American and Cuban migrants. Some fear the chilly weather and don’t try, others have their own personal well-being and that of their families in mind and look for opportunities to find work and residency in the northern country. We give you some hints.

Not everything outside of Cuba is the United States, apart from the vast facilities that this country offers for Cubans to easily emigrate. The same current “probation” opens a “very fast” door for Cubans, and for this reason, and because of the geographic proximity, many Cubans are looking to Miami. But there is life, opportunity and development beyond the US.

How do I work in Canada? One of the options is to search directly on official Canadian government sites, in a system they call “Express Entry”. This would allow you to gain citizenship and settle down permanently in addition to a job. Another possibility is that it is a short stay but always working in your profession.

Another advantage of registering on this Canadian platform is that your CV, educational assessments and the languages ​​you speak allow authorities to determine if you are eligible for other migrant programs such as the Federal Expert Worker Program, Federal Expert Trader Program, Experience Class Canadian or Provincial Nominee Program. In the latter, you choose the province where you want to work or live.


For example, the largely French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada has its own job and resident search programs. If you know English and French you have an extra “plus” to live there. Access Québec International Agency and view job vacancies and what you can do from Cuba requirements.

At the end of 2022, the Canadian government announced that it would be looking for more than a million foreign workers over the next three years. This year 2023 they need more than 400,000. So it could be you, one of them. The other recommendation if you are dreaming of moving to Canada is to find out about the information provided by the Canadian Embassy in Havana.