How do I find free games on Nintendo Switch?

How do I find free games on Nintendo Switch?

Unlike consoles like the PS5, the Nintendo Store doesn’t offer a “free-to-play” section. So how do you spot free Switch games?

You probably know that some Nintendo Switch games are free, including Epic Games’ Fall Guys, which became free in June 2022. The principle is similar to that of Fortnite from the same publisher and which is also fundamentally free: it is that of built-in (or in-game purchases). In other words, you’ll be prompted to purchase cosmetic items (skins, accessories, etc.) periodically throughout the game. However, if you manage to resist the temptation to purchase such cosmetic items, the experience is truly free.

Sometimes some games are also offered for free for a short time, as in the case of Pokkén Tournament DX, a Pokémon tournament. There may be some conditions to their use, for example a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

Dozens of free-to-play games are available on Nintendo eShop, but how do you recognize them? One solution is to simply type “free-to-play” into the eShop search engine from the Switch. You can also view the official Nintendo eShop listing using a web browser at the following address:

Click on “Free Games and Software” and make sure that only the mention “Nintendo Switch” appears on the left side of the screen. Once you find a game, click on it to reveal its card. All you have to do is download this game – of course, your console must have enough memory.

You can also find the list of free Switch games, along with any conditions to be met, on this page of the Ultimate Game website: -free/