How do I delete a Snapchat account?  – Futura

How do I delete a Snapchat account? – Futura

With more than 360 million users as of the beginning of 2023, Snapchat has strongly appealed to the young population who want to share ephemeral photos or videos. However, sooner or later you may want to leave this application. Here we explain how to do it.

Snapchat became famous with its photos that disappear after a few seconds and various “fun” options. However, we can get tired of these social interactions and you may want to delete your Snapchat account once and for all to resist any temptation. How exactly?

Delete your Snapchat account in multiple steps

In the Snapchat app, find your avatar on the left side at the top of the screen. Open it. Your image appears in large format. Locate the settings icon on the right and open it.

On the Settings page, scroll down until you find the Account Actions section. The Delete Account option is at the bottom of this section. select it To ensure you haven’t accidentally selected this option, Snapchat will prompt you to re-enter your username and password

Snapchat will display a screen designed to make you reconsider your desire to quit the app. The application will ask for your username and password again, confirming your desire to delete your account.

As a side note, Snapchat tells you that if you’ve asked to recover your data stored on their servers via email, it’s better to wait until you recover that data before deleting your account.

Once the deletion is confirmed, you will receive a message that your account has been deactivated. Disabled means not deleted. You will then no longer be able to contact your Snapchat “friends”. However, you still have the option to reactivate your account within 30 days.

You will now see a yellow screen where you can reconnect. You must select “Delete Account” to confirm the effective deletion. Again, Snapchat gives you a final confirmation screen. Choose yes.

Note that it would still be possible to reactivate your account if you tried to reconnect 30 days ago!

Note that if you have sent messages to other users through Snapchat, those messages will remain accessible to those people even after you delete your account.