How did Thor 4 director convince Chris Hemsworth to go

How did Thor 4 director convince Chris Hemsworth to go nude in the film?

The God of Thunder is back in Thor: Love and Thunder, the Marvel hero’s fourth solo film. In the film, the character must fight against Gorr (Christian Bale) and prevent him from killing all the gods. During the journey, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) gets involved in various adventures that leave him without clothes.

The scene in question is already appearing in trailers for the new title, which hits theaters next Thursday, but Hemsworth’s ass appears blurry. However, the film explicitly addresses the protagonist’s bare bottom, which happens when he’s trapped and his clothes are ripped off.

In conversation with syringesThor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi, 46, said it was even easy to convince the lead actor to do the scene. “I said: If you do that, we’ll sell five times as many tickets and your bonus will increase!”

For the filmmaker, showing the character nude was the “right thing” and will please all viewers, “regardless of sexuality.”

You will still appreciate it. It’s a kind of work of art.

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Thor appears naked in new film

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favorite band

In addition to showing Chris Hemsworth shirtless, the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer also revealed new information: the soundtrack would feature Guns ‘N Roses. We only heard “Sweet Child of Mine” in the preview, but the feature includes several other songs by the 1980s band.

The choice wasn’t random, according to Waititi: “Guns ‘N Rose is my favorite band. I have the first album, it was the first one I bought, ‘Appetite for Destruction’, my first album I bought when it There’s an appetite for Destruction. I was young and it was a sound I’d never heard before.”

Waititi says the decision was an easy one, given that the rock group has been a part of “the soundtrack of mine for as long as I can remember.”

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Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth on the set of Thor 4

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Multiple functions

Taika Waititi rose to worldwide fame when he received the 2020 Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Jojo Rabbit, a film he directed, wrote and starred in, in which he played a version of Adolf Hitler played that originated in the mind of a child.

In Thor: Love and Thunder, the New Zealand filmmaker returns to take on all of those roles. In addition to directing, he cowrote the screenplay with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and plays Korg, a loyal friend of the God of Thunder. THE syringesexplained that the trick to being able to perform all functions is to “give control”.

“You can’t control all the elements as a director and an actor. It’s a difficult thing because you want to protect your work. But I’m over that part of me now and just getting started. [o trabalho] and I leave the responsibility to the other people who are also part of the production.”

As a director and cowriter, Waititi had to balance the right dose of adventure, romance, comedy and drama, all of the genres present in the film. The right tone between them was found in postproduction. “On set, I’m always looking for the dramatic or the funny version.”

“You never know what you might want later on when editing. […] In post production we spent a year cutting everything and trying different versions. And keep working, keep working, until we get the tone balanced and right.”

Whether there will be a Thor 5 or whether Taika Waititi will direct it remains to be seen, but this won’t be the director’s last job at Disney: he’s writing the screenplay for a new Star Wars movie.