How about a ,000 2012 Ford Focus?

How about a $5,000 2012 Ford Focus?

I would like to know your opinion on the 2012 Ford Focus. I’m aiming for a manual transmission model with 187,000km on the clock. Do you think it could go 300,000 km? We’re asking for $5,000.


Good morning John

The two main flaws of the 2012 Focus are the SelectShift (dual-clutch automatic) gearbox and its susceptibility to corrosion. By choosing a model with a manual gearbox, you immediately solve the first of the two problems of this model. As for corrosion, you need to inspect the car from top to bottom, including the underbody, to be sure of its condition. Because if the corrosion is already there, even slightly, you can be sure that the car will soon be badly rusted.

Otherwise the focus is not bad. It’s a fun compact to drive, admittedly a bit fuel efficient, but it can also offer you a surprising level of comfort. You should also know that the parts cost remains reasonable and that its wide popularity makes it easy to access certain parts at recycling centers.

Can you drive 300,000 km with this Focus? The answer lies in maintenance and how you use it. In theory, a meticulously maintained car should last almost forever. However, the negligence of the majority of motorists explains why cars with 200,000 km end up in the scrap heap when they could easily have driven twice or even three times longer.

Finally, if you choose this Focus, don’t forget to get a professional anti-rust treatment done quickly so you can keep the car for as long as possible. Because while it’s currently intact, rest assured that the salt and calcium will overwhelm the steel of this sadly mediocre Focus.

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