House search at Trump: The FBI was looking for documents on nuclear weapons

House search at Trump: The FBI was looking for documents on nuclear weapons

The Washington Post says intelligence officers are looking for documents containing nuclear-related information that could “fall into the wrong hands.” There is no indication that these documents were found.

Just three days after Donald Trump’s much-publicized search of his home in Florida, the reasons for this visit are becoming clear. According to the Washington Post, the FBI agents were primarily looking for classified documents related to nuclear weapons, citing unnamed sources “close to the investigation.”

Until then, the doubt leaned more towards a search related to the former President’s involvement in the January 2020 attack on the capital ‘ about the possibility of this nuclear information ‘falling into the wrong hands’. Documents related to nuclear weapons are particularly sensitive and should only be accessible to a limited circle of serving members of the government.

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Uncertainty remains as to the exact purpose of these documents: sources interviewed by the Washington Post “did not indicate whether they were weapons belonging to the United States or to another nation.” Above all, “it was not stated whether such documents had been seized during the search,” the article supports.

Donald Trump’s spokespersons, such as the Justice Department or the FBI, declined to comment. But the official reasons for the search were quickly released to the public: Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Thursday that he had asked a Florida judge to release the warrant authorizing the FBI to search the former president’s home.

In fact, during a brief televised intervention, the minister confirmed that he “personally consented to the decision to apply for a search warrant,” before stating that he believed this case was of “important public interest,” requiring a detailed justification of the raid. A way to also respond to Donald Trump’s criticism that this visit by FBI agents was political and unjustified.

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