Hot morning: Gustavo and Key collide with Domitila at BBB 23 Splash

Morning started hot on BBB 23 (Globo). Key, Gustavo and Domitila were fighting over the Fundo do Mar door.

Gustavo Cowboy woke up irritated and said he couldn’t sleep because the brothers kept slamming the bedroom door.

Speaking to Key in the kitchen, he said he was going to Fundo Mar to slam the door since they were sleeping.

The intrigue began. When they got to the room and slammed the door, Domitila was the one who got angry.

Domitila: “Are you serious, cowboy?”

The brother said yes and would continue to do so. Then Key entered the room and also started arguing with Domitila.

Miss Germany complained and said it was not fair of them to do so. The couple replied and left, slamming the door again.

Even in the garden, Key and Gustavo started laughing and said they would do it again.

Gustavo: “I’m not one to do it, but it doesn’t work anymore”.

Button: “Our problem is that we’re too nice.”

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