Horror tattoo model remains blind the ink was not suitable

Horror tattoo, model remains blind: the ink was not suitable for the eyes. Just a fine for the tatuat

The world of Social It ruins life of people and especially teenagers who want to grab attention of virtual audience or earn more followerthey would do anything. It kind of happened Alexandra Sadowska, the Polish model who followed the wrong trend: the girl actually underwent a specific type of tattoo, namely the one on the eye. L’ink injected caused her total blindness.

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The case

It was 2017 when Alexandra Sadowska He decided to get a tattoo on the inside of his eyes at a tattoo parlor Warsaw in Poland. The then 21-year-old girl wanted to change up and darken her look, so she wanted all-black eyes.

This particular tattoo practice was performed by the tattoo artist Piotr A which, however, penetrated too deeply into the eyeball and irreparably damaged the girl’s eyes.

The process

Six years after the incident, the Warsaw court ordered the tattoo artist to do at least 30 hours of community service a month and pay a fine of €28,000. A truly minimal penalty compared to the permanent damage inflicted on the model.

Last updated: Monday 02 January 2023 05:55 PM