1674966858 Horror Balkan river turns into a floating garbage dump

Horror! Balkan river turns into a floating garbage dump

The Drina River was once considered a symbol of beautiful river trips across the Balkans. But now there are almost endless mountains of garbage piling up in the water.

The Drina River is the longest tributary of the Sava at 346 kilometers in length and flows from the mountains of Montenegro through Serbia and Bosnia. Rubbish from the three countries has been illegally ending up in the once fantastically beautiful river for years and paints a picture of horror. The landfill flow presents environmentalists with an almost insurmountable task.

Garbage from three countries flows into the river

The Drina River runs through the small town of Višegrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina – stunning scenery and emerald green waters have made the Drina the pride of the region. But after the Balkans, everything that was previously not nailed near the river is now floating on the surface.

The situation in front of a hydroelectric plant near Višegrad is particularly explosive – there are now over 10,000 cubic meters of waste in the water. According to local media, the municipal cleaning is only burdened with garbage from the urban area. Now the Drina is becoming a crucial test case on a political level, because manure from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro is floating in the river. So far, there are no solutions to the environmental disaster.

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Environmentalists: “Not just dangerous, but shameful”

A video shows the illegal dumping of garbage in the Balkan river. The once-clear water has turned into a brown broth – overflowing with plastic bottles, old tires and other residual waste. Electronic devices, such as refrigerators, also move along the riverbank. Dejan Furtula from the environmental group “Eko Centar Višegrad” recently raised the alarm in an interview with “ZDF”: “This is not only a great danger for the environment and health, but also very shameful for all of us”.

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