Horoscope, the ranking of the happiest zodiac signs from June 20 to June 26, 2022: Aquarius and irresistible Gemini

Horoscope, the ranking of the happiest zodiac signs from June 20 to June 26, 2022: Aquarius and irresistible Gemini

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The ranking of the happiest zodiac signs of the horoscope for the week of June 20-26, 2022. There is a turning point: the air signs will be irresistible, they will have not only a lot of energy, but also a lot of charm.

In this ranking of the happiest zodiac signs in the horoscope for the days June 20-26, 2022, we are witnessing a turning point. Venus has also entered the sign of Gemini along with Mercury: green light for summer flirting.

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These days (June 21st) the summer solstice takes place, which is very important in all religions and scientific disciplines. In Neopagan culture, litha is celebrated, the festival of the sun and energies. Get ready to purify yourself with fire.

12. Capricorn

It was great to have you sweet and helpful, but unfortunately Venus won’t be in your favor anymore… So keep coming back to that little shit without feeling guilty as you’ve actually had a number of in the last few weeks earned credits and favors. For those you used to spoil, times will be tough.

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11. Virgo

Again, in your case, the sweetness appears to be frozen, like you stuck it in the freezer’s ice lolly mold with a stick. Needless to say, we used to prefer you. Now anything you try to communicate will come out of Frozen as one of Elsa’s ice blades. To be spoiled, you have to be careful.

10. Pisces

You’ll be really persistent, but even if we asked you what’s going on in your head, you wouldn’t know the answer… Your emotions are like the egg whites when we sit down to the whisk in the whips. You will get hysterical at every WhatsApp message from your partner.

9. Sagittarius

You’ll be as gentle as the Hulk, but when he gets mad! Don’t shy away from being asked to rearrange furniture or do a deep cleaning, but when it comes to dealing with emotions, tremble with fear. You just don’t know how to handle feelings and to be honest you don’t even commit that much.

8. Cancer

Your mood swings from melancholic to edgy without accidentally crossing the semi-sympathetic. Either you’re inconsolable paranoia or you’re pretty sure you hate everyone. On the other hand, to relieve tension, take naps to compete with the koalas (who sleep 18 hours a day).

7. Libra

Gone is the feeling of being so out of place at a concert at La Scala in Milan like a mobile phone is ringing. There is something to celebrate! Now you even feel like a cute cat, although mind you it takes some time to unbutton yourself!

6. Scorpio

Slightly, but the situation is improving, even if you don’t necessarily notice it immediately. But I assure you that in fact that repellent pout like Autan for mosquitoes is no longer there. Love is all about intellectuals, but at least it reappears in your life.

5. Taurus

Love isn’t that intense anymore, but it becomes very possessive. And very pig. Let’s assume you’re not going to be able to hold back any pleasures: you’ll want to bite into everything from salami sandwiches to partners. And above all, everything must always be available without question!

4. Aries

You’re becoming more and more irresistible and you like it a lot (you’re still a fire sign)! No point asking you to be less conspicuous because you feel so cool you want it to be clear and obvious to everyone else, and it will be!

3. lion

The desire to party and have fun until late at night won’t let go of you, even during office hours. We see you flirting and dancing at the copier as soon as you end the video call. On the other hand, you also have a good intuition in this lane of good mood.

2. Aquarius

You even become cute again, and in front of the fire you think not only about grilling, but also about shitar rates among friends and romantic conversations. When someone offers the bottle game, you’ll be the first to raise your hand to join in. Okay dear, but you’re feeling the hormonal tingles and how.

1. Gemini

Venus and Mercury are both in the same zodiac sign (although they did date) and you can’t help but spread love around you like a Hare Krishna! Being close to you increases the pressure, but also happiness !!