Horoscope: See what to expect for your zodiac sign this Wednesday 18th

Horoscope: See what to expect for your zodiac sign this Wednesday 18th

Virginia Gaia

01/17/2023 20:15


“No one is enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making darkness conscious” this phrase became famous when it defined one of the fundamental concepts of Carl Jung’s analytical psychology. This Wednesday the 18th Heaven will help you with problems that are often difficult to deal with. Fears, traumata, taboos and obscure situations: the astral wants to bring all this to light to wash the soul!

In the dance of the stars solar systemwe will have a nice meeting between the Sunour star king, with Pluto, the king of the underworld. And it happens the same day mercurythe messenger of the gods, is directly in the sky, ending the first of four periods in which it will be retrograde in 2023. Together these two celestial events offer a great opportunity to rationalize what deep within the unconscious may be a rare stone that needs polishing to become a jewel.

From an astronomical point of view, Pluto is one of the strangest celestial bodies orbiting the sun. First designated as a planet, it was later downgraded to dwarf planet status due to its irregular orbit quite distant from the Sun, as well as its small mass and size. To get an idea, Pluto is smaller than Earth. moonthe natural satellite of Earthas well as decreasing in size relative to many of the moons that orbit Saturn and Jupiterfor example.

Incidentally, its mass is so modest that we now know that Pluto forms a binary system with it Charon, your fellow star. To say that they form a double or binary system means that both orbit each other and are bound together by gravity. Like eternal lovers, they roll a waltz that makes the most romantic of couples jealous, despite Pluto’s reputation in mythology for being evil.

The good news is that Pluto will forever be the ruling planet of great passions and even obsessions in the eyes of astrological metaphysics. In this way, the Sun’s union with the most invisible of gods, the patron saint of the underworld, illuminates the universe from the depths of the soul. What do you still find difficult to process? Take this opportunity to let your inner demons shine. So just hitchhike on Mercury and even change directional thoughts.

After all, there is no victory more glorious than winning yourself. overcome yourself!

Regard: the waning moon reaches nearly 10% illumination and appears late at night in the east, just before 3am on Thursday 19th. The Queen of the Night remains visible until dawn, moving midwest Constellation of the Serpentarium. During this time, our natural satellite will be aligned rasalhaagthe star alpha of the constellation of the Serpentarium, and also in the same longitude of schaula and Lesaththe stars lambda and Upsilonor from Scorpio constellation.

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Aries: Be flexible so you can absorb new ideas, Aries. It is important to overcome beliefs and prejudices that may hinder your learning.

Bull: know how to say the right words at the right time, Taurus. It’s time to invest in the dialogue and see things between the lines. Overcome your fears.

Twins: Realize who people are and how open they are to you, Gemini. We need to know how to adapt to the needs of those we want around us.

Cancer: Be more mindful of your health and routine, Cancerian. It is important to learn from everyday situations without letting yourself get exhausted.

Lion: Your powers of seduction and persuasion will increase, but you need to know how to balance things. Try to better understand what is around you.

Virgo: The day promises much depth and good inner insights, Virgo. Be open to new situations and twists in the intimate sphere.

Lb: Try to listen more than you talk, Libra. Your communication needs to be more direct and timely.

Scorpio: Shine light on your goals and priorities, Scorpio. Remember that sometimes it is important to invest in yourself first and then in those around you.

Protect: keep your confidence high, Sagittarius. It’s time to take care of what’s most precious about yourself and protect your wellbeing.

Capricorn: you are full of depth, with occult themes on the rise, Capricorn. Take this moment to see where you can use your personal power.

Aquarium: Be with the right people and environments, Aquarius. It’s time to filter out what’s really valuable to you.

Fish: seek more autonomy, Pisces. It is important that you feel empowered to carry out your most ambitious plans in the future.

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