Horoscope of the week from October 3rd to October 9th

Horoscope of the week from October 3rd to October 9th, 2022 Cosmopolitan

Now that Mercury is finally on its way, the week begins on a very collaborative level: Mercury is ready to communicate and propose new ideas, while Venus connects with Jupiter by suggesting the development of a shared vision. The only flaw is the tension between the planet of logic and Neptune, the planet of magic and confusion. There are still days when you feel confused, distracted, and maybe even a little paranoid because you think other people might be hiding something from you. It is better to take the time to weigh the words and look for a more rational approach, it will certainly be easier when Mercury is in relationship with Pluto: a moment of finding the essential words that matter and theirs Leave traces .

The week ends with this Sunday’s New Moon in Aries, a time to let go of a view too subjective to embrace a more neutral perspective.

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Highlights of the week:

  • October 3: Venus versus Jupiter – Relationships can grow when you build a vision together
  • October 3-4: Mercury vs Neptune – mental confusion and the possibility of information being left out
  • October 7th: Mercury trine Pluto – profound conversations in which the essentials are communicated
  • October 9: Full Moon in Aries – the time to free yourself from your beliefs and open up to others

Use this week: Give yourself time to process the information and you may discover perspectives you hadn’t thought of

Repeated out loud this week: I can learn something from others every day

The horoscope of the week from October 3rd to 9th

Horoscope week 3 October 9, 2022 Aries

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The first few days of this week it might seem difficult to keep up with everything: you carry a bit of mental fatigue that inevitably affects your productivity. So why not ask someone to help you? The opposition between Venus and Jupiter can be an excellent time for you to grow together and share thoughts, advice and dreams. However, be direct with your colleagues on Friday and stand your ground, instead celebrate the beginning of a new phase for you at the weekend with the Full Moon in your sign. You have the opportunity to move away from the expectations and beliefs you had about yourself and to see yourself through the eyes of others.

Horoscope for week 3 October 9, 2022 Taurus



The beginning of this week will help you organize your days more efficiently: maybe it’s the help of your colleagues, or maybe you’re feeling more confident and ready to offer suggestions, use this energy even if at first it seems like you can’t use your free time really enjoy. Put your knowledge on the line, especially around Friday, it’s easier to make yourself understood when you rely on direct experience. The full moon in Aries on October 9 will help you resolve doubts and insecurities: you may realize that you have finally overcomplicated your life.

Horoscope week 3 October 9, 2022 Gemini



The week begins with a subtle desire to socialize, but the only flaw is that there are some outstanding issues, probably with your family, that keep you on your toes. It’s possible that this may make you doubt your decisions about the future, perhaps because you feel your efforts aren’t being properly appreciated at the moment. This weekend’s Aries Full Moon can help you regain some conviction, as a lot also depends on the environment you are in and the stimuli you receive from the people around you. Think about how much you limit your creativity when you are surrounded by people who awe you. Is this really necessary?

Horoscope for week 3 October 9, 2022 Cancer



The first few days of this week will help you see how far you’ve come with your projects. Thanks to the right support network, there is always room for improvement, especially given the possible mental confusion that accompanies you. You have so many ideas and the more research you do the more you wonder how best to use your skills, but towards the end of the week you will have an opportunity to make your point. In fact, sometimes expressing an imperfect thought is enough to understand how to really explain it. The full moon in Aries on October 9th brings you to the completion of a project that has long taken your strength, to reduce your commitment at work and to really enjoy the time in your private life.

horoscope week 3 october 9th 2022 leo



In the first days of this week you will have the opportunity to learn many new things, especially if you are accompanied by a mentor who knows how to guide you, and already by the weekend you will be inspired to put what you have learned into practice. The only fly in the ointment these days is the feeling of not having your finances completely under control: maybe there are unpaid bills that you have to pay, and it is unclear what you actually have to give or for which procedure you are given is not clear, a specific one quantity is required. At least the arrival of the full moon in Aries will help you clear your ideas, closing a path will help you see your everyday life with different eyes.

Horoscope for week 3 October 9, 2022 Virgo



Finally aligned thanks to Mercury, the start of this week seems to bring more clarity, especially for you Virgo. Of course, there is still a balance to be found between you and others: on the one hand, you feel you are receiving confused signals from someone, and this difficulty in understanding their intentions can, in turn, make communication difficult; on the other hand, it almost seems as if one can get gifts or help these days, but that makes one feel indebted and have to pay back. In short, the full moon in Aries on October 9 can help smooth out these issues: it’s an opportunity to repay or break free of a dynamic that has made you feel dependent on someone and such to find some autonomy.

Horoscope for week 3 October 9, 2022 Libra


weight scale

Find a little lightness in the first few days of this week: put your thoughts in order by listening to your feelings, and even when the outside world seems chaotic and elusive, full of commitments that are difficult to meet, learn to do ask for help or to manage the confrontation when needed. Cultivate the important bonds and you will feel better too. It will then be the full moon in Aries on October 9th that will mark a fixed point: by giving more weight to relationships that really matter, it will be easier to end a relationship that has been blocking you, or perhaps to review your dynamic together, to work better a pair.

Horoscope for week 3 October 9, 2022 Scorpio



This week brings with it a general reorganization: you use the time you devote to yourself and maybe even discover how you can improve your everyday life. A first aspect you might want to address concerns the feeling of not being fully understood by the people you interact with, as if your words are not being heard. Ask yourself what you really want to express, think in simple terms, focus on something practical. So in the end, the full moon in Aries on October 9 gets you back on track: quit bad habits and start taking your physical and mental well-being seriously.

Horoscope week 3 October 9th 2022 Sagittarius



This week starts off in a very productive way, you go to work with clearer ideas and new ideas to suggest, but there is a subtle sense of deep dissatisfaction. With all this hard work, you have no way to keep your personal life stable, maybe you feel like you cannot keep up with all the requests. It might be interesting these days to go out for a while, meet new people, engage in new conversations to clear your head. With the full moon in Aries on October 9, you might even choose to put an old hobby aside to explore the new charms your knowledge offers.

Horoscope week 3 October 9, 2022 Capricorn



The week begins with a newfound curiosity: perhaps because you find balance at work and build constructive relationships, you’re more proactive and willing to learn from those with more experience. Of course, not all teachers know how to convey information comprehensively, so it is normal that you need a little more time to memorize everything and find an effective application of the advice received. At the latest, the full moon in Aries on October 9 will put you on the right track by advising you to settle the issues that are still open in your private life so that you can take a confident step into your projects.

Horoscope week 3 October 9, 2022 Aquarius



It is likely that you will have to find a place in the first few days of this week when it comes to your finances: maybe you are caught up in unclear agreements or you are not sure how much you will receive in the future, so you have none accurate idea of ​​the resources available to you. Ask for help if you need it, and try to learn as much as you can from those who have more experience than you. The 9th Full Moon in Aries helps you see your priorities more clearly, and you may realize that you really need to change context. Don’t be discouraged if not everything seems immediately achievable: step by step you will know which investments are the right ones.

Horoscope for week 3 October 9, 2022 Pisces



The first days of this week are useful for clarifying the situation with a person with whom you recently had a misunderstanding. However, it is not easy for you to find the right words in this situation: Normally you would let your heart guide you, but in this case it could help to simply listen to what the other person has to say and then come up with concrete ideas. In this way you create a constructive and cooperative environment that can also help you to see future prospects. The full moon in Aries this weekend will accompany you in this process and you can choose to change your spending habits to invest in your future.