Horoscope of the week from January 16 to 22, here are the predictions of Artemide

Horoscope of the week from January 16 to 22, here are the predictions of Artemide

horoscope the week off January 16-22, Here are the predictions from artemis. Thus, the positions and movements of celestial bodies relative to Earth affect the signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Gemini

Your sign may get into trouble early in the week, but fear not. The second half of the week is an excellent time to strengthen family ties and spend time with children and relatives. Good news for those looking for a partner: from January 18th it is possible to start searching for a soul mate.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Cancer

Cancer will feel inner instability, and circumstances will require patience and perseverance. Perhaps he will not be able to get what he deserves for the work done. However, Artemis notes that one should not succumb to pessimism. Take care of yourself, relax and… rejuvenate yourself.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Leo

Leos should pay attention to their confidence and ability to handle financial matters. It’s going to be a tough work week, so you’ll have to work hard to withstand the stress. In the love sphere of the sign, failures are just around the corner, but if you put family happiness first, there will be no problems in your personal life.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Virgo

Virgo will feel happy in everything. But it’s worth giving up on new projects and going the tried and tested path. It’s best to get out into nature on weekends, because rest is vital to the sign.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Libra

Libras can get upset over little things. This week, one negative episode can change your life drastically, but facing it with firmness and calm will be enough. In the first two days, the representatives of the sign will feel nostalgia: they will want to return their past love.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Scorpio

Something new can arise in the life of Scorpio, but it requires representatives of the sign to emerge. Perhaps it is necessary to imagine a new job activity. Artemide advises against getting anxious or working overtime.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Sagittarius

Sagittarius can trust fate. This week is a great time to perfectly combine personal and business life, and the financial situation will be stable. In your personal life, you should not create grounds for conflict. Partner seekers can look forward to a fateful romantic encounter.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Capricorn

This week, Capricorns should get the job done that they’ve been planning for a long time. There may still be some unfinished business. On Friday you should also pay more attention to romance for singles – a date is expected.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Aquarius

Aquarians should listen to the advice of knowledgeable and intelligent people. There may be temptations during the week, but if you give in, you may feel the consequences. Artemis reminds us of the importance of self-control. Otherwise, problems can arise that will hurt your pride and your wallet.

Horoscope January 16-22 for Pisces

Pisces should do what inspires them the most. Maybe that will lead to success. You don’t have to be afraid to try new things: new people, activities, clothes or sports. It is important to be open, honest and direct.

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