Horoscope of the week from August 1 to August 7, 2022    Cosmopolitan

Horoscope of the week from August 1 to August 7, 2022 Cosmopolitan

Let’s prepare for some shocks, this week begins with the conjunction between Mars and Uranus: between some unexpected events and many impulsive reactions, many will face tensions that will require a drastic change of mentality to be resolved. Although this astrological event is mainly associated with more collective dimensions, we must keep in mind that as individuals we do not live in a bubble but are strongly connected to the environment in which we find ourselves.

Open your mind to issues that go beyond your daily life. Mercury enters Virgo this week, helping us regain some mental clarity and discernment, as well as a good dose of pragmatism. If we try to express ourselves clearly to others, it will also be easier to manage the weekend tensions indicated by the square between Mercury and Saturn. We are talking about a clash of obstacles and limits from which we will be tempted to escape, looking for more abstract and pleasant dimensions, as indicated by the harmonious aspect between Venus and Neptune.

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Highlights of the week:

  • 1st-3rd August: Mars Conjunct Uranus – Days full of impulsiveness and unexpected events that lead to a different mentality
  • August 4: Mercury in Virgo – with a newfound mental order and clarity, we return to communicate more clearly
  • August 6-7: Venus trine Neptune and Mars square Saturn – we clash with authorities or with the obstacles that limit us, so we seek an escape route from reality

Use this week: Don’t be afraid of the unexpected, take the opportunity to experiment with your limits

Repeated out loud this week: They keep evolving

The horoscope of the week from August 1st to 7th

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Aries

Amanda Batini


We need a new way of organizing finances, Aries: what to do when expenses suddenly arise? Or if you have a lot more resources than you thought? Money often has emotional value, it gives us security or becomes a measure of value, but it is also the key ingredient for impulsive resource use.

The most annoying thing at this point is the pressure from others: Why does everyone seem to want to get into your business? Luckily, this week’s Mercury in Virgo is helping you prioritize more clearly.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Taurus



A strong response isn’t always the best way to get what you want, but in some cases it’s necessary. The conjunction between Mars and Uranus is resourcefulness and impulsiveness, but one that could draw a lot of looks and some criticism. Perhaps an authority figure in your life feels challenged by your attitude, and you may even wonder if you are fighting the right battles.

Finally, as Mercury enters Virgo, it reminds you of the importance of nurturing your interests because without rest and free time it is difficult to see things clearly.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Gemini



Don’t underestimate your symptoms: During the first few days of this week, you can feel restless, to the point of questioning and backsliding on your long-term plans. It’s okay to give up when you’re unsure about doing it, but be careful that it’s not a result of your self-sabotage dynamic.

Now that Mercury is entering a sign like Virgo where he can best express himself, talk about it with the people closest to you – they will help you find an objective perspective.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Cancer



The week seems to start with some discussions in your circle of friends: if a promise has not been kept or if there are debts between you, it is very likely that mutual grievances will now arise. If one side felt they had to compromise with the other, they probably feel the need to make their point now.

The fact is that things explode when there is no upstream communication, at least Mercury in Virgo is reminding you of the importance of clarity in disclosing things, starting from concrete dates.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Leo



Watch out for hurry this week: With the conjunction between Mars and Uranus, you are faced with a situation that requires a quick reaction from you, probably at work, but if you take the initiative without consulting anyone, you might get critical looks.

Cultivate your resourcefulness, especially with Mercury in Virgo reminding you how many things you can do, but also remember that not everyone will agree that we are so focused on yourself.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Virgo



Adaptability is a golden gift this week: With the conjunction between Mars and Uranus, there may be something unexpected on the horizon, but you can use this moment as an opportunity to learn something new. If you’ve missed some details in the planning, it’s largely because you haven’t had a proper structure lately.

Now that Mercury is returning to your sign, you’ll also have a clearer idea of ​​your priorities, allowing you to be more organized and communicate more effectively. No panic.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Libra


weight scale

If you still have something to do, chances are it’s up for discussion these early days of the week. You’re at a time when you may be feeling under-represented, like your concerns aren’t being heard, so it’s time to change your strategy.

Try to remember all the moments when you have fled from duty and taken refuge in pleasure. It is likely that this is just a reflection of your fear of not being able to cope with the request. You are more capable than you think, you just have to start looking inside, Mercury in Virgo is also telling you this week.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Scorpio



Remember that you are not alone: ​​the beginning of this week brings with it some upheavals in relationship with a partner, be it romantic or professional, that seem to be destabilizing you. Look for the open and direct confrontation, take a step forward by explaining what bothered you, but don’t forget to change perspective and put yourself in the other person’s shoes as well, otherwise you might just reap the rewards huge silence.

There is little point in putting up walls to protect yourself at this stage, much better trying to break down the walls and open yourself up to conversation with more people, as the arrival of Mercury in Virgo suggests.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Sagittarius



It’s time to be realistic: for the first few days of this week life seems to be going a little in spurts, as if with the unexpected it’s impossible to organize anything. Start with the simple things: What would help you change your day?

You are at a stage where you may decide to revolutionize your habits, even if at first you find that some things are practically difficult to manage. Take these obstacles as food for thought so that Mercury’s arrival in Virgo can be an opportunity to talk to colleagues and propose new ideas with greater conviction.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Capricorn



Be careful not to have an overly subjective vision: the first few days of this week you might be tempted to completely change your attitude towards your free time, but you don’t have to deny it just because you feel like your finances aren’t are sufficient.

While it’s fair to exercise a little caution, the arrival of Mercury in Virgo will inspire you to travel or study, and it’s important to respond to that thirst for knowledge for your future. Be proactive.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Aquarius



Don’t be afraid to step into a new situation, literally or metaphorically: the conjunction between Mars and Uranus is rocking your very foundations with initiatives from people very close to you, but especially this weekend you seem to be the ones who have one attitude very stubborn. Don’t turn down a confrontation that’s due, change can be good for you, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Thus, the transition from Mercury to Virgo becomes an opportunity to learn how to communicate and build more fruitful collaborations: be practical.

Horoscope week 1 August 7, 2022 Pisces



You usually have no problem being flexible and adapting to any situation, but the start of this week seems a little more stressful than usual. Maybe because you have a project or idea that you hold dear and a mishap prevents you from completing it, or you receive messages that make you completely reconsider your plans.

In this situation, it is difficult to remain productive and deep uncertainties could arise, especially this weekend. Try to talk about it with someone you trust, because the arrival of Mercury in Virgo opens a phase in which you and another person look for listening, but also for solutions.

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