HOROSCOPE FROM AUGUST 1 TO 15    Simon & the Stars

HOROSCOPE FROM AUGUST 1 TO 15 Simon & the Stars

“Full Moon in Aquarius”
(from August 1st to 15th)

How are you? Here is the horoscope for the next two weeks when the full moon is in Aquarius Friday 12 August. It is the full moon of midsummer, a season of longing and shooting stars, making it a sort of “North Star” that indicates the direction some of our change initiatives are taking. Each has their own, but all have something in common: a desire to highlight and let shine (to use Mazzantini’s words) the “single, aching uniqueness” of each of us. We’ll talk a lot about it when we get close to the full moon, but I’m telling you right now that it’s going to be one of the most beautiful and intense of this year!

For the rest we then give Mercury Thursday 4th He will leave Leo to enter Virgo, to the delight of the earth signs and the water signs. And then Venus, leaving Cancer on August 11th to enter Leo, making happy the fire signs and the air signs, for which the summer of love is finally beginning! In short, it will be two weeks full of events and important changing of the guard! I’ve been thinking about doing a bi-weekly horoscope, because even the stars need a little vacation every now and then, and most importantly, we need to get into book writing!

Of course I’ll pop up on social media from time to time with surprising live shows and special content while the weekly horoscope restarts in early September! I just have to leave you to read the horoscope and thank you again for the love and attention you gave to make our appointment unique!

A hug and happy reading and happy summer everyone!
With love,