Horoscope for the week of January 23 2023 weekly horoscope

Horoscope for the week of January 23, 2023, weekly horoscope – cosmopolitan

Overview: Romance is a spiritual practice! Venus enters soulful Pisces on Thursday and stays there through February 20, inspiring our relationships to be more healing and loving. Then the Sun-Mars trine on Sunday gives us more energy, passion and aliveness, both personally and in relationships.

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Time to let go, Aries. Venus enters your Pisces-ruled completion zone on Thursday, inspiring you to break free from limiting beliefs, patterns, and people that prevent you from receiving the love you deserve. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to gather with your friends and use the power of open-ended questions to instill understanding and empathy.


Friend, lover or both, Taurus? On Thursday, romantic Venus enters your Pisces-ruled friendship zone, inspiring you to intentionally blur the lines between romance and friendship. This way you can bring the best of both worlds together and see what happens! Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine gives you the grounding you need to feel proactively productive.


Connection AND Competence, Gemini! Venus enters your Pisces-ruled career zone on Thursday, reminding you that the quality of your professional relationships and competence will determine both the nature of your results and your success on the job. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to follow your curiosity to generate exciting new ideas and strategies that need to be applied quickly!


Long-distance love, Cancer? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled travel sector on Thursday, attracting you to partners who are a little “far away”; whether it’s because they’re different from your type (which is good!) or because they live literally far away. Let that distance teach you a few things. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine is an emo trine, so be curious, gracious, and compassionate with yourself and others.


What does “intimacy” mean to you, Leo? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled intimate zone on Thursday, giving you experiences, desires, and relationships that allow you to share essential truths about yourself and receive healing, pleasure, and connection through this self-revelation. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to apply cheerfulness to romance and deepen your friendships.


Opposites attract Virgo? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled romance zone on Thursday, reminding you that chemistry and compatibility exist only in contrast, in opposites, and when there are enough differences to spark a spark. It will help you strengthen your strengths and inspire you to grow! Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to notice more professional details in order to find a solution.


It’s the little things, Libra! Venus enters your Pisces-ruled level of detail zone on Thursday, helping you spot who’s noticing you noticing them. That’s correct! So much success in a relationship comes down to doing small things often and recognizing who sees you doing the small things. The Sunday Sun-Mars trine boosts self-confidence by helping you interpret a situation with more optimism.


Ready to be “seen,” Scorpio? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled worthiness zone on Thursday, attracting people and experiences that help you reflect on yourself. You will feel a little exposed, but grateful that you are understood, appreciated and valued for who you are. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine gives you clear communication that boosts your emotional intelligence.


Can people be “home”, sag? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled zone of belonging, attracting people and experiences that help you feel emotionally secure, connected, and at home with them. Based on emotional security, your relationships will thrive. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine gives you an understanding of someone’s perspective, which could lead to a change of heart!


Communication is so stimulating, Capricorn! Venus enters your Pisces-ruled language sector and lets you write, chat and speak to you in creative, sensitive ways and challenges you to be just as loving. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to focus on embodiment and align what you do with your feelings.


Happy Birthday Aquarius! Venus enters your Pisces-ruled safety zone, giving you birthday bonuses and a reshaping of your values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will inspire you to practice what you teach. There’s no security like walking your word. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to share a thought, feeling, hope, wish and/or fear with someone who needs to hear!


Fate will intervene, Pisces! Venus enters your sign on Thursday, giving you moments at the right time in the right place that will help you connect romantically with people out of the blue, and she wants your faith, hope, and optimism that the universe is in your relationships is invested. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to normalize your feelings and be critical and skeptical about emotions that are unduly weighing you down.

Colin Bedell

Literally a twin astrologer from Long Island, New York, Colin is a double New School graduate with a BA in Literature from Eugene Lang College and an MA in Fashion Studies from Parsons School of Design. A passionate student of Astrology, A Course in Miracles and other systems of personal growth, Colin founded QueerCosmos to meaningfully contextualize queer identities across the zodiac and universal spiritual themes. In addition, Colin directs private natal chart readings and horoscope columns with international publications. Visit QueerCosmos.com for more information.