Horoscope for Friday May 26 2023 for Las Estrellas by

Horoscope for Friday, May 26, 2023 for Las Estrellas by Walter Mercado El Nuevo Herald

Note to readers: Betty B. Mercado, niece and associate of the late astrologer Walter Mercado, continues his legacy by writing horoscopes.


(March, 20th – April 18)

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Aries, fight for your dreams, for your ideals, for your future and that of your loved ones. Be persistent in everything, never give up because success is yours. Always remember that you deserve the best and that you can achieve your goals. Suggest that from this moment on, you take responsibility for your actions and take control of your life. Lucky numbers: 15, 9, 34.


(April 19-19) May)

You receive SMS, emails or calls from abroad informing you of successes or new financial or legal gains. The one who loves you will support you in everything. There is a lot of celestial activity in your sky today. Love, money and health crown you. You will experience pleasant surprises that you will share with your loved ones. Lucky numbers: 48, 32, 10.


(20 – 19 May) in June)

Your heart speaks to you, listen to it, don’t ignore it. Pay attention to your personal relationships. Agree with your partner. Give in and ask for time so that you can both express your concerns with respect, attention, and lots of love. Don’t be influenced by friends who have had bad experiences in their relationships. Lucky numbers: 7, 11, 35.


(20th June – 21 July)

You must dress with patience today, Cancer, and overlook the things you know could lead to war in your personal relationships. Don’t stress the details and adapt to the circumstances of the present moment. Not everything will be as easy as it seems today, but if you do your part, you will be fine. Lucky numbers: 24, 9, 30.


(22nd of July – August 21)

Use the positive planetary energy to tackle new projects. Conduct a personal relationship check today. Eliminate from your life all the people and situations that were a problem in the past and that continue to affect you in the present. Cleanse yourself of all negativity. Lucky numbers: 2, 21, 7.


(August 22nd – 21st September)

Feed your mind and heart with thoughts of love. Shut up and watch, it suits you. Don’t act as a bridge to comments that could hurt someone you care about. Rejects intrigue, falsehood, darkness, mystery. Run a charity drive for someone in dire need of help. Lucky numbers: 21, 19, 14.


(September 22 – Oct. 22)

Saturate yourself with positive thoughts and change the mental channels that keep repeating the same thing to you and do not allow you to progress. Ignore gossip. Don’t judge or criticize what you don’t know for sure. Focus on your progress as a person. Remain neutral in any difficult situation. Watch and learn. Lucky numbers: 30, 15, 44.


(Oct 23 – Nov 20)

Don’t put all your hopes on the person or project that seems very uncertain at the moment. Trust that your path will gradually be enlightened. Look within yourself for the power to help you achieve your goals. Develop patience and determination and you will see your dreams gradually come true. Lucky numbers: 4, 31, 8.


(21st November – 20th of December)

Today will be one of many activities for you Sagittarius so getting organized is imperative and you are good at it. Beware of wanting to do more than you should or can. You will find that you have taken on more responsibilities than you deserve, especially towards your family and close friends. Lucky numbers: 1, 45, 41.


(21 Dec – January 18)

Expect positive changes today in something that is stagnant and slow. Financially you won’t have any complaints as the money will come to you from unexpected sources. Put everything you have in mind into action today. Visualize your ideas and give them concrete form. Work will now be your letter of success, Capricorn. Lucky numbers: 23, 2, 33.


(January 19 – February 17)

Stay away from anyone who tries to subtly pressure or force you to do something you are unsure about. Be careful with your money, how you invest it and how you spend it. Suggest saving, Aquarius. Carefully analyze any offer made to you today regarding buying, selling or investing abroad. Lucky numbers: 9, 22, 5.


(February 18-19) March)

The stars shine for you when it comes to love, Pisces. You will hear the words you have wanted to hear for so long from that person who is so special to you. A female influence will be of great help to you today in realizing your plans. Heed his wise advice. Lucky numbers: 36, 18, 4.