Horoscope for each sign its journey for 2023

Horoscope: for each sign its journey for 2023

ARIES – The ideal holiday for you almost always corresponds to the summer season. You will not discover new cultures or visit museums of ancient civilizations. You want to have fun, dance and hang out with your friends. Ibiza will surely be the ideal destination for your good nights. Let yourself be carried away by the local nightlife and forget about everything that stresses or bores you!

BULL – You are a lover of nature, plants and flowers. If you haven’t traveled yet, you should definitely plan a holiday in Holland, where you can admire the blooming tulips. The best time to catch them in their maximum glory is between April and May. You will not go hungry and you can also drink beer and juniper (with lemon and currant), which are the most popular drinks.

TWINS – You like to undertake unconventional trips and usually choose places that can offer you something new and “different” than you are used to culturally. This year you will be particularly inspired by a colorful and lively city: Rio de Janeiro. If you decide to travel in February, you can attend the world-famous Rio Carnival. Run and secure tickets!

CANCER – If you want to plunge into heavenly places not too far from “home” and don’t want to spend all your savings, you just need to organize a trip to Croatia. You can reach it in a few hours by plane or ferry. You can stay in a hotel overlooking one of the many beautiful beaches that you will visit. The most authoritative travel guides always place Croatia among the first places.

LION – Not only have you had Saturn against you for about two years, but you have to wait a few more weeks to get rid of him. Great recovery is near, it’s a great vacation, it’s all you need to be born again and thrive. In your dreams there are luxurious hotels and crystal clear waters where you can immerse yourself in all your splendor. Bali is waiting for you: gather your friends and plan your departure!

VIRGIN – Did you know that Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is the third oldest city in Europe after Athens and Rome? This information may be enough to plan your next vacation there. Another reason to go there is that you can visit beautiful places for very little money. In addition, Bulgaria is rich in places included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

WEIGHT SCALE – For a luxurious and elegant holiday it is not necessary to travel to the other end of the world, but it is enough to arrive in Sardinia. Even the cost seems high compared to other more distant European cities, but it will definitely be worth it. You don’t necessarily have to choose the Costa Smeralda, the main tourist destination, but you can choose to visit the beautiful beaches of the south.

SCORPIO – You are in no hurry to go on vacation, and you certainly prefer to resolve family issues that have been bothering you for some time first. If you wait for the month of December, you can certainly visit New York, the Big Apple, at its most beautiful time, namely at Christmas. Get ready to immerse yourself in the lights of a city that will capture your soul. One would like to stay there forever.

SAGITTARIUS – The last few months have been quite stressful for you and the mere thought of vacation makes you feel regenerated. For total and complete relaxation you certainly need a tropical or warm climate and you will find it on the beaches of Spain or Greece, where you can also spend pleasant weekends without neglecting your professional or family responsibilities. If possible, avoid the high season months.

CAPRICORN – If you have at least a week to go on vacation, this year the most important destination for you is a European capital such as London, Paris or Berlin, where you will visit museums and art exhibitions and have unforgettable cultural experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life. Take advantage of the availability of many guides who can tell you the history of the places you will visit.

AQUARIUM – Are you ready to climb big peaks and not just figuratively? This is not a climb to success, but climbing Everest, the highest peak in the world. Pack your bags, because Nepal is waiting for you. You can also visit the Temple of Peace and take a long drive through the capital, Kathmandu. You will stock up on tea, spices, gems or Tibetan bells to give to your friends.

FISH – This year you want to take a journey to a magical and mysterious place that can surprise you with its history and beauty. Egypt is certainly the ideal destination to experience new and surprising emotions. The Pyramids and Sphinx in their splendor and perfection will take you back in time and inspire you to study the history of the fascinating Egyptian people.