1672695928 Horizon Zero Dawn The PS5 Remaster is back in talks

Horizon Zero Dawn: The PS5 Remaster is back in talks, hints at its development

Horizon Zero Dawn: The PS5 Remaster is back in talks, hints at its developmentRumors of a PS5 remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn have been circulating since early October, but the case hasn’t surfaced since then. This was done without counting on the indiscretions of a certain Colin Moriarty, known for his PlayStation insights, who indulged in a few confidentialities during the Sacred Symbols podcast (accessible only on Patreon via a paywall), in which he allows himself Coming back to this remaster that spilled a lot of ink at the first noises in the hallway. According to Colin Moriarty, Guerrilla Games is not working on this restored PS5 version, but another internal studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment. If there are no details on the identity of the developers, however, it draws attention to the interest in making a remaster of a game released in 2017 on PS4 with an already impeccable technique.

We all think Guerrilla is doing the Horizon Zero Dawn remake, but from what I’ve heard it’s on a different team.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Guerrilla Games wasn’t involved in this remaster/remake as the studio is currently working on the major expansion Burning Shores for Horizon 2 Forbidden West as well as Horizon: Call of the Mountain which is planned for PSVR 2 and the he developed together with another studio. According to the information already published, this visual upgrade of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS5 will be accompanied by technical improvements, such as the display in native 4K, the 60 frames per second and many accessibility options in more. I’m not sure if that really matters…