“Hopefully it’s male” Michelle Hunziker 4th pregnancy |  The sweet expectation is tense

“Hopefully it’s male” Michelle Hunziker 4th pregnancy | The sweet expectation is tense

Michelle Hunziker has announced her desire for a baby boy. Here are her words about her pregnancy.

Michelle Hunziker 4th pregnancyMichelle Hunziker 4 Pregnancy – siciliananotizie.com

Michelle Hünziker seems to have a beautiful love story with her new boyfriend Giovanni AngioliniPhysician and former competitor of Big Brother with whom she has been paparazzi for the past few months.

While their relationship has never been confirmed by either side, it’s almost certain given that they’ve been spotted together in the same places and at the same time, and have been photographed multiple times.

Michelle Hunziker wants a boy

Soon the two could celebrate the birth of their own child, which would be the fourth for the presenter Aurora Sophia had from her first marriage to the singer-songwriter Eros Ramazotti and Sun and Heavenly had by her second husband Tomaso Trussardi.

Just last January tomaso and Michelle They announced their separation and after a few days the Deutsche Zeitung Multicoloured has published photos of the woman accompanied by Angiolini in Sardinia.

And it’s right there Emerald Coast the Michelle She was caught buying a pregnancy test at a local pharmacy in the company of her daughter Aurora, a sign that pregnancy could lead to family enlargement.

Michelle Hunziker and the words about pregnancyMichelle Hunziker – siciliananotizie.com

However, many have thought that the future mother may not be there Hunziker but rather the ramazotti since it has been connected for many years Goffredo Cerza and for some time there have been rumors about her pregnancy.

So Eros Ramazotti and Michelle Hünziker would become grandparents and for aurora it would mean sanctioning the union with a child Cerza who, as he has always shown, loves much.

The presenter’s words about her pregnancy

But Hunziker in an interview with today She explained that she wanted a boy: “If she’s a girl, I’ll be very happy” – said the presenter – “But if she’s a girl, I’ll do another one right away. I want to experience the emotion of a male child.”

These words come from 2013 when she was pregnant Sun, the first daughter was gone Trussardi and Michelle stayed true to her word when the couple gave birth after two years Heavenly, she is also female.

Michelle Hunziker and the words about pregnancyMichelle Hunziker – siciliananotizie.com

Because of this, Michelle Perhaps she wanted to fulfill her dream of having a boy by trying to have a child with her new partner if the news of her pregnancy turned out to be true.

now Michelle She’s enjoying the holidays with her loved ones, but next TV season will keep her busy Strip off the news and with the second installment of her one-woman show Michelle impossible.

At the moment the Hunziker has neither confirmed nor denied the news of her fourth pregnancy, so we’ll just have to wait the next few months to understand if she’s actually going to be a mom or grandmother again, or if it was a false alarm.