Hong Kong gangsters arrested in traffic

Hong Kong gangsters arrested in traffic

From La Provence (with AFP)

A self-proclaimed Hong Kong gangster learned the benefits of discretion the hard way: A viral video showing him getting out of a Porsche and swearing at a minibus driver led to his arrest for cocaine possession.

The 35-year-old appeared in court on Saturday after being identified in a video clip in which he loudly posed as a member of a Chinese triad, a mafia gang.

In the video, which has gone viral on social media, we see him getting out of the sports car and berating the driver of the minibus that was stuck in a traffic jam. He bangs on the vehicle’s window while knocking off the driver’s glasses and brandishing a stick.

But his bout of road rage cost him big bucks after police arrested him and three others on drug possession charges on Thursday after identifying him on video.

Officers seized 1.7 pounds of cocaine. “This man did not respect the safety of other road users or the law and order by publicly claiming to be a member of a triad,” the inspector told reporters.

As for the driver of the van, the altercation revealed that he had a master’s degree in transportation planning and had left a lucrative job to serve public transit users. He has been dubbed “the most educated minibus driver” in Hong Kong by local media.