Honestly Gretchens Husband Proudly Opens Up About Boosting SelfEsteem After

Honestly, Gretchen’s Husband Proudly Opens Up About Boosting SelfEsteem After Plastic Surgery Lifestyle

Saxophonist Esdras de Souza, Gretchen’s husband, makes it clear that selfesteem is at its peak. The boost is in large part due to the changes he’s made to his appearance.

In a recent interview with Domingo Espetacular, Esdras revealed who had eight cosmetic surgeries from cosmetic procedures on his face to major surgeries to define the body since he married the singer in September 2020.

“I did the chin, the jawline, removed the forehead lines,” he quoted during the call. In addition, the musician underwent rhinomodeling, hair implants, HD lipo, put lenses on his teeth and applied botox to various parts of the body. During this time he also lost ten kilos. “I feel so, a wonderful, beautiful prince!” he said.

The artist also announced this via Instagram before the change took place suffered from physical and mental problems.

“The way I was, it never was and never would be synonymous with health. The way I was, it only brought me bad nights, aesthetic frustrations (in every way), psychological ones, and lots of bad moods,” he said.

“I’m glad I’m not what I used to be. I have chosen to be happy and beautiful and never be what I used to be,” he added.

In August, Ezra and Gretchen underwent two cosmetic surgeries at once: Lipo HD and an operation called Renuvion — According to the singer, this procedure is a novelty in the aesthetics market and is used “to bond the skin of those who have sagging skin”.

Three days later, the couple appeared dancing on the social networks of the eternal queen of the rebolado to celebrate the result of the aesthetic interventions. The video drew criticism from netizens, and Gretchen insisted to counter the comments.

Ezra even showed the result of the liposuction 20 days after the operation. “Too happy. Today it’s been 20 days since postprocedure, liposculpture HD. But crazy with happiness. My wife, Gretchen, without thinking to thank you for endless possibilities, I get emotional. I love you, brunette,” he wrote in a post on Instagram.

In June last year he underwent hair implant surgery which lasted 14 hours and despite the delay, it was a success.

“The transplant will leave me here with all the entrances sealed [da cabeça]”That was an area I was very uncomfortable with,” he said. “It was a strenuous procedure, but totally balanced, thorough and meticulous,” he described.

Gretchen said at the time that this was always a great wish of the saxophonist and that she gave her partner all the support.