Hold your breath before you see the new look of

Hold your breath before you see the new look of Emme Muñiz, the non binary daughter of JLo

the famous singer Jennifer Lopez, is a Hollywood artist recognized for her great talent and passion for what she does in both acting and music. But also because of the various couples with whom she has had a loving relationship such as: Marc Anthony, Ben Affleck and her current husband.

With Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Marc, with whom JLo was in a relationship for more than a decade and they had 2 twin children emme and 14-year-old Maximiliam, although neither of them usually appear in front of the cameras, they are usually constantly photographed and followed by the paparazzi.

Emme with her mother Jlo. Source: Instagram emmemuniz

However, the public is focused on the non-binary daughter of Jennifer Lopez, Emme, who doesn’t identify with any gender and has stood out in the media world for her choices regarding her sexuality. JLo’s eldest daughter is known for her highly androgynous style.

Recently pictures of Emme Muniz after attending a play starring Affleck’s daughter, 13-year-old Seraphina, with whom she has a very good relationship and shares a beautiful friendship. He attended the event accompanied by mom JLo and her husband, famous actor Ben.

Here’s how Emme viewed the event she attended with her mother, Jennifer López:

Emme undoubtedly has a very distinctive style and differs from that of her mother. Source: Instagram emmemuniz

It was possible to observe emme With a unique oversize style where she usually wears plus sizes like she wore in the pictures with a black sweatshirt, totally loose jeans and big headphones, she was with her mother with a completely different fashion, she had a jacket of Brand Channel, skinny jeans and a bag.


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