Hold your breath before meeting Ryan Muniz unknown son of

Hold your breath before meeting Ryan Muñiz, unknown son of Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is known for his relationships with some of the most beautiful women in the world. One of them is the media Dayanara Torres. Just like Jennifer Lopez with this beautiful woman Mark Antony had a child although the existence of this young man in Spanish is unknown to many fans of one of the most important Latin American singers of the music industry.

Apparently the ability to steal sighs Mark Antony it was inherited from the son he had with Dayanara Torres years ago. The young man bears a striking resemblance to his father, although few know this young man is him child from one of the most celebrated Latin American singers of recent decades to one of the most popular women in the media for her kindness and talent. That child from Dayanara Torres He has inherited the beauty of both sides and for this reason is considered one of the most attractive young people of the present.

The vast majority of fans and fans of Mark Antony are aware of this sons The fact that the singer has been with Jennifer Lopez since then was undoubtedly the most sonorous couple relationship ever Mark Antony had in recent years due to the level of notoriety that the singer also has. On the other hand Dayanara Torres Despite being part of show business, he has a much less public profile than some of the singer’s exes and few knew about him child with the singer

The young man bears a striking resemblance to him Mark Antony although some of the facial features were inherited from him Dayanara Torres. Like his mother, he child from Mark Antony He has light eyes, although the structure of his face is almost exactly the same as the singer’s. The young man child from Dayanara Torres Apparently, he will continue his father’s tradition of becoming one of the most sensual men in Latin America as thousands of young people are fascinated by man’s attractiveness child from Mark Antony.

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Source: Instagram Ryan Muniz

Outside of child What Mark Antony has with Dayanara Torres or the sons What do you have with JLo? Mark Antony He is currently in a relationship with Nadia Ferreyra, with whom there are a wave of rumors about a possible marriage soon. This is because the young woman from Paraguay uploaded a video on her social networks in which she tries on wedding dresses, and for this reason everyone speculates that the actor is on the eve of a new marriage.

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Source: Instagram Ryan Muniz