Hogwarts Legacy: The controversy surrounding the Harry Potter universe video game is growing

Hogwarts legacy

A new chapter
Hogwarts Legacy, the latest video game in the Harry Potter universe, released on Friday, transports players to Hogwarts in the 19th century – way before the history of the books. No sign of Ron, Hermione or Voldemort, but loads of things to discover about the wizarding world.

Full immersion
The game is an answer to the expectations of many fans who wanted to experience their own fantastic adventure. With this you can completely customize your schoolboy from head to toe and put on the sorting hat. After class, duels, flying on broomsticks, exploring the forest: freedom is finally total.

Video game blockbuster
Avalanche Software Studio has been working on the game for more than 4 years. Images of the game were leaked even before its announcement, triggering heaps of fantasies. A few days after its release, it has already broken records for sales and viewership on the Twitch platform.

Aware of Rowling’s reputation, the developers distanced themselves from her as much as possible and wanted to make the game inclusive, with the many options in creating her hero or incorporating a secondary trans character into the story.

The trans community

The idol became a witch
Many LGBT+ activists are calling for the game to be boycotted JK Rowling has been outspoken as transphobic for years, based on the idea that sex should take precedence over gender or identity. Impossible for the trans community to further enrich the author.

Tense debate
The question divides fans and players enormously. Media specialized in video games have decided not to talk about the game, provoking violent reactions. For others, a love of the wizarding world or a desire to play takes precedence over this social issue.

Unsatisfied with the game’s success, the most vehement activists blacklist videographers who broadcast their games or reveal the end of the story on the internet. Curiously, this game crystallizes the author’s rejection much more than the final film in the saga’s universe, The Secrets of Dumbledore, released last year.

Further problems
The developers’ efforts have even less convinced the game’s critics that JK Rowling’s work is now being viewed in a new light. In particular, the hook-nosed goblin bankers, which are very present in the game and would evoke anti-Semitic imagery.