Historia, Séries Plus, Télétoon, Télétoon la nuit and Disney will present their programs

Historia, Séries Plus, Télétoon, Télétoon la nuit and Disney will present their programs

This autumn, the Historia channel is focusing more than ever on documentaries, but also on the docu-fiction “Hells Angels – La Chute” starring Émile Schneider and Maxime Mailloux.

In this novelty, TV viewers will intervene in the two lawsuits that brought the motorcyclists’ war and the decommissioning of Maurice “Mama” Boucher into play.

Historia, which has made 11 acquisitions, also bets on the “Secrets de Villages” series, directed by Luis Oliva. We will be interested in secrets, legendary characters, rumors and unusual places hidden throughout the Belle Province. The network will also offer sequels to the shows Auction Fever: New Generation, Lost in the Dust and Impossible Transmission, as well as the second season of the reality show Des Teufels Los: Die Eroberung des Meeres. , which will also be presented simultaneously on Séries Plus.

Speaking of Series Plus: the channel has three new additions to its range, namely the Swedish series “Élection rouge”, the Canadian series “Moonshine” with Montreal resident Jennifer Finnigan and the American series “4400”.

On the Télétoon la nuit side, we will broadcast new episodes of the shows The Simpsons, American Dad, Family Guy, as well as the original production The Bizarre Tales of Professor Zarbi.

At Teletoon, the novelty Mega Wish fits into the schedule, while the Disney Channel has four new dates, namely The Villains of Valley View, Ultraviolet & Black Scorpion, Molly McGee and the, and Spidey and His Amazing friends.” The French titles of the first two are not yet known.

Note that in winter Historia will expand its offer with the docu-fiction “The Gangster and the Minister” with Sébastien Ricard in the role of the gangster Lucien Rivard and Mario Jean in the role of Guy Favreau, whose career was marked by Rivard. Hugo Giroux (Jean Lesage), Maxime Tremblay (Jean Marchand) and Eve Duranceau (Marie Rivard) will also be part of the adventure.

The channel also features “At the heart of Mégantic” presented by Stéphane Archambault.