Highlights Netherlands vs. Portugal: Dutch defense clinches a big win – FOX Sports

The Netherlands and Portugal faced off in a Sunday match (on FS1 and the FOX Sports App) at Forsyth Barr Stadium in New Zealand as Group E continued at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023!

The last time the Netherlands played in a World Cup, they met the USA in the final and lost 2-0. The side are looking to do even better this time around and head into the tournament in excellent shape, having won seven of their last ten matches in international competition.

Oranje Leeuwinnen started on the right foot on Sunday with a comfortable 1-0 win over Seleção das Quinas, who are participating in a World Cup for the first time.

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Netherlands 1, Portugal 0

89′: Tough goalie

Daphne van Domselaar was a force for the Dutch for 90 minutes and it was head moves like this that helped keep Portugal off the scoreboard:

82 minutes: Makes everything tremble

Portugal did not face their opponent’s summary. The side continued to play with heart and panache and created some good opportunities up front, including that respectable shot on target towards the end of the game.

58 minutes: Don’t try

The Netherlands responded with an outstanding defensive stop, this time from a tackle from Dominique Janssen.

52 minutes: What a stop!

Stopping a soccer ball coming towards you like a rocket is no easy task. But hey, that’s why we leave such tasks to professionals like Inês Pereira.

37 minutes: Let it fly

The Netherlands kept up the pressure and looked for a follow-up to their first goal. And the Dutch showed that they would not be shy anywhere on the pitch.

13 minutes: Headless!

Aggressiveness was the be-all and end-all of the Dutch from an early age. They fought for a corner kick early in the game and took advantage of it through skillful teamwork. Stefanie van der Gragt was the woman of the moment with a header, which was rated as good after a VAR check.


Prepare the stage

The World Cup NOW team followed the game live on Twitter before kick-off.

all feelings

Portugal had never played their national anthem before a World Cup match. And when it did, the emotions of the moment brought some players to tears.

Bleeding Orange

Oranje Leeuwinnen fans went out in full force to support their beloved Dutch team.

would like more

The Netherlands finished second in the 2019 cup. Topping this result means only one thing for Lieke Martens & Co.

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