Highest warning level!  Hurricane storms are moving towards Lower Austria

Highest warning level! Hurricane storms are moving towards Lower Austria

In Austria, there is a high risk of bad weather on Thursday! A storm front, which has already caused deaths, is coming to the country from Italy.

Of Thursday brings mixed weather conditions, in the eastern half there is again a lot of sun and heat in the program. On the other hand, from Salzburg Pinzgau and Upper Carinthia to the west, some heavy rain and thunderstorms spread from morning to late afternoon.

The situation is dangerous. The UWZ storm center has Thursday afternoon in the Upper Styria and Mostviertel area (Lower Austria) highest level of bad weather warningviolet, issued:

Current weather alerts for Austria at 16:10.Current weather alerts for Austria at 16:10 UWZ

“A 139 km/h hurricane gust has just been recorded in Neumarkt, Styria, in the course of a violent storm line! The line is now moving northeast. Extreme caution along the Mur-Mürz groove and in the mountains of Graz!”alerted experts on Twitter at 3:47 pm.

Storm line sweeps Austria.Storm line sweeps over Austria.UWZ

“It looks terrible all around”

In severely hit Styria, dozens of fire brigades are already in full-scale operations. In Zeltweg, the hurricane toppled trees like dominoes, blocked roads and cut power lines. According to the “Kleine Zeitung”, the roofs were also covered.

In MotoGP, the power suddenly went out, the whole track area was suddenly without power. Erwin Grangl, deputy fire brigade commander and chief of operations for the Red Bull Ring: “We have everything under control here on site, but it looks terrible all around.”

Deaths in Italy

As the UWZ warns, the storm front is still the same storm that previously ripped through Corsica and northern Italy, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. There were even several deaths. “Caution, the highest alert levels apply, 117 km/h has just been measured at Leoben!”, warn meteorologists at 16:23.

The Storm Trail.The Storm Trail.UWZ

this is how it goes

At the Friday From Vorarlberg to Salzburg and Upper Carinthia it rains frequently and in some areas very at risk of local flooding. The sun still shines at times in the eastern half, but heavy rain and thunderstorms should also be planned for here throughout the day, locally with hail and gusts of wind. The wind blows strongly from the southeast over the eastern plains and from the west from Lake Constance to Upper Austria.

At the Saturday From Vorarlberg to the Vienna Woods, it will initially remain cloudy and sometimes humid, in the afternoon the sun will occasionally break through the clouds. It succeeds a little more frequently in the south, but individual thunderstorms also pass through here. From the Innviertel to the Seewinkel and the Grazer Bergland, strong winds blow from west to northwest.

Of Sunday it starts cloudy on the north side of the Alps and it rains to the east of the Tyrolean plains, during the day it gradually loosens. In the course of the day, however, rain showers will form again along the northern Alps and there will also be rain from time to time in the far east. On the other hand, it is usually sunny in East Tyrol and Carinthia. Also, there will be strong winds from north to northwest, strong in the east.

You can find detailed weather forecasts for over 50,000 locations worldwide at wetter.heute.at

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