Hialeah Mayor Assures RV Rentals Create Sunlight Situation Cuban Directory

Hialeah Mayor Assures RV Rentals Create ‘Sunlight Situation’ Cuban Directory

Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo recently spoke out about the increasing use of trailers or RVs in the city, which has led to what he called a “sunset situation.”

The Cuban-American official made it clear in an interview on the Enrique Santos show that renting out mobile homes as apartments is an illegal practice.

“They are buying me a house in Hialeah, they have no intention of living here and they have it as an investment. They are creating a solar situation in our neighborhoods. You’re my neighbor, you’re protecting your investment, and you have someone who doesn’t live next door and you have two RVs parked. This is a reality in Hialeah today and a situation that must be addressed,” he said.

Bovo also commented: “If you feel like going on vacation, I congratulate you; However, if it is an illegal activity where people live, it creates a potential problem for the city and all of your neighbors.”

Since last month, Hialeah city government officials have been considering a proposal to regulate the number and location of mobile homes.

The idea is to reduce the maximum number of these vehicles from three to one per home, create a registry, limit their size to 24 feet and prohibit them from parking behind homes.


Amid the immigration crisis, the mayor said he understands anyone “trying to run things for their family” but “the illegal use, those who come to invest in Hialeah because they think we’re not interested, it is.” “That’s not fair. We must also respect those who have invested to live here,” he said.

Here’s what some residents thought about it:

  • Hialeah and Miami Dade are like the neighborhoods of Havana… just look at how many cars are parked outside… there are no beds for that many people.
  • With real estate prices so high, landlords and tenants have to use magic to pay the rent, which is why there are so many rental apartments and trailers because families can’t pay as many bills.
  • And what is the cause of this problem? High rental prices. That’s where they should start.