Here’s what Arturo López Gavito predicted about Carlos Rivera’s success: “God wants you to fall”

Here’s what Arturo López Gavito predicted about Carlos Rivera’s success: “God wants you to fall”

Carlos Rivera |  Getty Images

Carlos Rivera | Getty Images

Photo: Arthur Holmes/Getty Images

Today Carlos Rivera is one of the best voices in all of Mexico. The 36-year-old artist is responsible for taking his talent to different areas of the entertainment world, offering concerts, dubbing film characters and performing plays.

Carlos Rivera was the third generation winner of La Academia in 2004, when the whole country began to see his undeniable talent, but it was precisely in this reality show that one of the program’s judges already knew that young man would become the new idol of Mexico .

Arturo López Gavito, famous for being a very severe judge in his criticism, took the microphone during a concert of this third generation of the Academy and, after a presentation by Carlos, said some words that came true after a few years.

“We’re going to ask God for one thing, you, me and all together. God wants you to fall into the right hands and a person who knows how to take care of you and a record company who knows how to take you forward. There I urge Tv Azteca to make the right decision. Mexico’s new idol is right in front of you,” said the judge, provoking screams and applause from the crowd.

18 years later, those words have become reality since Carlos Rivera has traveled the Mexican Republic visiting the most important venues in each state. He has also won several awards as an artist, singer, actor and has participated in various television, theater and film projects.

He has five studio albums and his most popular songs include: I was waited for you, Let ours stay ours, How to pay you?, I’m dying, 100 years, Give me back my heart, He would not exist, Other life, remember me etc.

Throughout his musical career he has collaborated with artists such as Mario Domm, Leonel García, Franco De Vita, Becky G, Pedro Capó, Maluma, Melendi, Reik, Beatriz Luengo, Gerónimo Rauch, Natalia Jiménez, Noel Schajris, Fela Domínguez and Río Rome and Omara Portuondo.

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