Here Vienna is ahead of Berlin and Cologne

Here, Vienna is ahead of Berlin and Cologne

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Vienna clearly behind Hamburg - but ahead of Berlin.

Vienna clearly behind Hamburg Рbut ahead of Berlin. ©APA/HELMUT FOHRINGER (symbol image)

In a survey by YouGov, Vienna left Berlin and Cologne behind, but did not come close to Hamburg and Munich. Here you can read what it is about.

According to a survey, Austria is the most pleasant neighbor country for most adults in Germany. This is the result of a representative survey by polling institute YouGov on behalf of dpa. The country was chosen by 24% of over-18s from Germany’s nine neighbours, the paper said on Tuesday.

Austria partly the friendliest neighboring country

They are followed by the Netherlands (17 percent), Denmark (13 percent), France and Switzerland (10 percent each). Poland, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg (each with 3 percent) and Belgium (2 percent) are in last place. The rest did not specify.

Vienna ahead of Berlin and Cologne

Among the five German-speaking cities with more than a million inhabitants, adults in Germany have a favorite metropolis. When asked which of them they consider “most pleasant”, the majority chose Hamburg (25%). Munich (19 percent), Vienna (15 percent), Berlin (12 percent) and Cologne (11 percent) follow. The rest didn’t want to choose any of the cities.