Here Martin-David Peters learned about the tragic fate of his character in Indefensible

Here Martin-David Peters learned about the tragic fate of his character in Indefensible

While Me Legrand met a tragic fate when he returned from vacation in Indefensible, the actor who plays him, Martin-David Peters, was well aware of what awaited his character.

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In the world of television, and especially in everyday life, it often happens that actors have to reckon with the fact that their characters sometimes tragically get out of the plot.

This was recently the case with the character from Mr Legrandinterpreted by Martin David Peters in the first season ofUntenable.

However, the latter will have had time to mourn, having been informed of the fate that awaited his character from the beginning of the series.

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He actually revealed this in a video posted on the show’s various social networks.

“When the director called me to talk about the character, he said to me, ‘Look, you’re doing the first season and bye, Me Legrand is gone!'” he recalls. He adds that despite his character’s truncated presence, he was promised nice intense scenes to play out.

Watch the full video right here:

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In the comments below the release, we find many netizens emphasizing how much they would miss the character, though often despicable. Proof that the actor did a good job!

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