Here I only showed my bad side Deolane opens her

“Here I only showed my bad side…”; Deolane opens her heart and regrets entering A Fazenda


In a conversation with other passersby, the lawyer analyzed her participation in the program

By Julia Beraldi

01/10/2022 17:47 BRT

01/10/2022 17:47 BRT

Photo: Play/Record TVPhoto: Play/Record TVJulia Beraldi

Considered by many viewers to be one of the favorites for first place The farm 14, Deolane Bezerra doesn’t seem very happy about participating in reality. During a conversation with other passersby this Saturday afternoon (1st), the lawyer confessed that she would not have entered even if she had known how to live in the program.

“If I knew half of what this is, I would never have left my house,” the doctor said, adding that if her sister is called to participate in the program, she will advise her to decline: ” If my sister is invited to come here, I will ask her: don’t go!” rosy, Little Strawberry, bias and Luke outside of the house.

deolane Explained why she isn’t leaving the show despite her dissatisfaction: “I just don’t go out because so many people have so many expectations of me, and I hate disappointing people who really love me, because of grocery shopping, cleaning, that’s a little thing in here. If you want to do it, do it! If you like cleaning, clean! If you like to cook, cook! Now the coexistence, the looks, the transformations of the personalities are constant,” he revealed.

The woman also opened up about how frustrated she is: “When I got the invite, I thought, ‘I’ll be able to show my good side to people who hate me. But here I was just showing my bad side “It brings out the bad in you. You can’t be good here for long, no,” he analyzed.