1693603006 Here are the best restaurants in Plateau Mont Royal – Montreal

Here are the best restaurants in Plateau Mont-Royal – Montreal Secret

The best restaurants in the Plateau Mont-Royal: the 10 places you must definitely try

Welcome to one of Montreal’s hippest and most diverse neighborhoods. the Mont Royal plateau, where the excitement of city life mixes with an ever-changing gastronomic scene. If you enjoy strolling the colorful and lively streets of this neighborhood, you’ll enjoy it just as much Try the restaurants. Prepare for an unforgettable culinary journey around the world The 10 best restaurants in the Plateauwhere every address is a unique and tasty experience.

In a sumptuous setting inspired by Japanese speakeasyBig in Japan Bar offers you an exceptional gastronomic experience. Enjoy incomparably fresh sushi and discover a selection of exquisite sake. The cozy atmosphere, dim lighting and attention to detail make this restaurant a must for foodies. authentic Japanese cuisine. Be enchanted by the deliciousness of sashimi and the creativity of sushi rolls, all in a mysterious, captivating atmosphere.

Au Pied de Cochon is the ideal address for lovers of Quebec’s reinvented cuisine. This daring restaurant offers rich and hearty dishes, from braised pig trotters to foie gras. If you are looking for an enjoyable and unforgettable culinary experience, you have come to the right place. Let yourself be tempted by the melting pan-seared foie gras accompanied by a generous portion of foie gras Putin, a dish that combines this perfectly Quebec tradition with a touch of gastronomic sophistication.

Fans of smoked meat sandwiches can’t go past Schwartz’s. This iconic feature of the plateau is famous for its Smoked meat sandwich, prepared according to a secret recipe and served with homemade mustard. When you walk through the doors of Schwartz’s, you step into Montreal’s gastronomic history. Let yourself be seduced by the intoxicating aroma of smoked meats wafting from the open kitchen and immerse your taste buds in a unique taste experience by tasting this iconic sandwich.

Barranco MTL takes you on a culinary journey to Peru. Colorful and spicy dishes like ceviche and lomo saltado will take you straight to Lima. The warm atmosphere and exceptional welcome make this restaurant an unforgettable experience for gourmets. South American cuisine. Immerse yourself in the soul of Peruvian cuisine and taste fresh ceviche made with seafood marinated in lime sauce – an experience that will awaken your taste buds with every bite.

Cheese lovers, rejoice! La Raclette is the place to enjoy unlimited melted cheese. Imagine a table of melted cheese to pour over potatoes, cold cuts, and fresh vegetables. It’s a friendly and deliciously calming experience. Dip your fork into a delicious ocean of melted cheese that pairs perfectly with prosciutto-wrapped potatoes and savory sausages. No matter the season, we never get tired of this cheese overdose.

Le Jardin De Panos is a true Mediterranean treasure in the heart of the plateau. THE authentic Greek dishes, such as souvlaki and moussaka are prepared with high-quality ingredients and a pinch of love. The terraced garden adds a magical dimension to this culinary experience. Enjoy the sunny flavors of Greece by tasting the delicate and fragrant souvlaki, served with a delicious homemade tzatziki sauce, all in an enchanting setting.

Let yourself be carried away by the exotic scents and fascinating aromas of India at India Rosa. Traditional dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and Biryani are prepared with exceptional skill. The elegant decor and fresh spices make this restaurant a true gem of Indian cuisine. Immerse yourself in spicy taste adventure by trying the Chicken Tikka Masala, a flavor explosion with tender pieces of chicken in a creamy sauce refined with a blend of exotic spices.

Luna is the one Italian restaurant par excellence of the plateau. Fresh pastas, crispy pizzas and delicious desserts are prepared with unparalleled passion for authentic Italian cuisine. The warm and familiar atmosphere will make you feel like you are in Italy. Be transported to Italy as you taste the fresh homemade pasta with rich and flavorful sauces and end your meal in style with a creamy and delicious tiramisu.

L’Express is a classic bistro that captures the essence of Parisian cuisine. Dishes like steak frites, snails and pot-au-feu are prepared with attention to detail and simplicity reminiscent of Parisian bistros. The lively atmosphere makes it an ideal place for an evening with friends. Immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere Parisian bistroEnjoy a perfectly grilled steak and fries accompanied by a rich pepper sauce and a mountain of perfectly browned fries. Every bite takes you back to Rue Saint-Germain, where life is in full swing in the traditional Parisian bistros.

Red Gorge is a small, cozy wine bar which offers an impressive selection of natural wines and delicious small tapas plates. The perfect place to discover new grape varieties while enjoying delicious dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Sit at a rustic wooden table, let the expert sommeliers advise you and enjoy unique artisanal wines accompanied by delicious tapas. Let yourself be seduced by surprising flavor combinations where wine and cuisine pair perfectly for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.