Here are the 10 best things to do in the

Here are the 10 best things to do in the unique Mile End – Montreal Secret district

Here are the 10 best things to do in the unique Mile End district
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THE End of mile is a unique neighborhood at the intersection of Montreal’s immigrant communities, culture and art, gastronomy and Montreal lifestyle in all its forms. It’s an inimitable neighborhood: with its Orthodox Jewish community walking the same sidewalks as the metropolis’ most avant-garde artists, you never know who you’ll meet on the corner. Park and St Viateur. Plus, Mile End is one of the 5 coolest neighborhoods in the world… and we have at least 10 ideas to explain why!

Here are our suggestions for activities not to be missed in this wonderful area:

1. Eat a bagel

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The famous Montreal bagels live a few blocks from each other in the heart of Mile End. And before we even ask: yes, they are better than New York bagels. You’re either Team St-Viateur or Team Fairmount, but no matter what your affiliation is, it’s important to visit and try out both institutions! Stroll through the streets of the same name to admire the city the tempting smell freshly baked dough. Bonus: St-Viateur is open until midnight, while Fairmount is open 24 hours a day, making it the perfect place to satisfy your late-night cravings.

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Mile End is a very small neighborhood, but it is full of unique restaurants that give it its urban and community charm. Here are some places that have become Montreal institutions over the years and are definitely worth a visit:

🍔Wilensky’s, a charming snack bar that serves the best Salami and bologna sandwiches in Montreal since 1932. Travel back in time with the almost original furnishings: cash register with bell, old-fashioned soft drink fountain, Coca-Cola clock… A real gem in the neighborhood Historical place that you should definitely visit!

🍔Nouveau Palais, opened in 1950 under the name “The Palace”, became “The New Palace” a few years later with a new owner. With the introduction of Law 101 it will be subsequently “The New Palace” in 1977. This classic restaurant has retained its original, authentic retro charm with its wood paneled benches and walls. It is a small restaurant full of charm, casual and above all delicious.

🍔Café Olimpico, a café anchored in Montreal’s history since 1970. This small, welcoming and authentic place is a popular place to have a coffee, watch the people go by and of course watch football matches.

3. Explore the neighborhood by bike

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If you want to (re)discover Mile End, what could be better than a guide that gets you exploring the district’s unique corners off the beaten path? Fitz Montreal offers a guided tour of Mile End and the surrounding neighborhoods: the alleys, parks and many quintessentially Montreal landmarks that you wouldn’t be able to discover otherwise. A great experience in perspective!

Click here to find out more and book your tour.

4. Discover events in the Mile End neighborhood

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Throughout the year several events take place in the heart of this district, which is full of culture. Among other things, here are some festivals in the heart of Mile End that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Yatai MTL, the annual street market that celebrates Japanese culture with unmissable street food flavors and a fiery program at the Marché des Possibilities
  • The MURAL festival inaugurating its new party room “Block Party” this year in the heart of Mile End, on the corner of Bernard and Gaspé
  • MAPP_MTL, a unique festival that offers breathtaking projectionsMusic evenings and much more at the famous Van Horne Skatepark

5. Catch a show at a historic theater

Built in 1923 Rialto Theater was originally a neighborhood cinema. While maintaining its original form, the theater was officially declared a historic monument by the City of Montreal in 1988. Since 2010 it has been a venue offering multiple shows. The wonderful place It is worth a visit, you will immerse yourself in the 1920s, the splendor of that time and the resemblance to a Parisian theater.

To find out the schedule of upcoming shows, click here.

6. Visit a scenic neighborhood park

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Located just minutes from the Laurier subway station on the corner of St-Joseph and St-Laurent, Lahaie Park is a little neighborhood gem. In summer a huge fountain takes place in front of the Saint-Enfant-Jésus Catholic Church. It is also a popular place for Instagram photoshoot, because the park is really very attractive. In addition, you can stop there for a picnic, a moment of relaxation or just to watch people walk by.

Address : 4921, Boulevard Saint Laurent

7. Explore the nightlife

Mile End is perhaps one small quarter, but it doesn’t lack for life… especially when the sun goes down! Its area of ​​less than 2 km2 is full of excitement and excitement nightlife. Here are some places you shouldn’t miss on your next visit:

  • Ping Pong Club, a sports bar that lives up to its name with its ping pong tables and its enthusiastic weekend crowd!
  • Bar Henrietta, a sumptuous, elegant bar with a slightly mid-century and slightly art deco style, offers delicious cocktailsWines and a selection of dishes perfect for sharing
  • Buvette Chez Simone, the ideal place for happy hours and meetings between friends and the evenings that drag on with a good glass of wine
  • Bar Waverly, a very friendly neighborhood bar where you can stay up late good DJs in an atmosphere highlighted by a rich and warm design

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There is no shortage of cafes in Mile End, and one of people’s favorite pastimes is definitely strolling the streets… and sitting on a terrace to drink a good coffee! Here are the places you should visit:

  • Dépanneur Café, a small, very welcoming neighborhood restaurant on Bernard Street that offers local produce and a menu perfect for brunch with friends
  • Pastel Rita, a delicious, colorful coffee and wine that looks like a Wes Anderson film, absolutely worth a visit
  • The aforementioned Café Olimpico is a must-visit in the neighborhood to meet up with friends and spend time on the friendly terrace
  • The murals that you can discover along the Main as you walk past the buildings
  • Romeo’s, the municipal art museum hidden in a stairwell on Avenue de Gaspé, whose entry is free and unique of its kind
  • Dragon Flowers, a unique flower shop on Bernard Street that’s more urban art than boutique: with its countless birdcages hanging out the front, it’s a work of art not to be missed on your visit to Mile End

10. Shop at vintage stores

The Mile End offers several shops along Main and its surroundings. If you want to discover addresses for your vintage finds, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Annexe Vintage for all your trendy, avant-garde finds and a unique style of its kind
  • Empire Exchange, a shop that buys your old clothes to give them a second life and offers you the redesigned clothes of others to turn them into stylistic masterpieces
  • Citizen Vintage, a store that recycles vintage materials into stylish fashion pieces to combat fast fashion
  • Bohème Vintage, a high-end thrift store offering unique and authentic vintage pieces selected and preserved with great care
  • Jeans Jeans Jeans, a not quite vintage shop but totally worth a visit with thousands of jeans, on-site customization and a personal advisor