her gaze was erotic, full of promises»

her gaze was erotic, full of promises»

In an exclusive interview, the showgirl talks about her new (great) love and some mistakes from the past. But one thing is certain: in love, I only suffered for those who were worth it

When asked “Can we define it as great love?” she replies: Purely because we take care of it like a child. From the beginning there weren’t the classic imbalances between us, where one of the two is taken more. He was very determined. He did everything he could with the most romantic of commercials. He really paid attention, especially by putting a fact after every word.

These are the words of Alba Parietti, 61, who will soon return to primetime TV (on Raidue from December 7) with the show I’m not a lady, which pits 20 made-up competitors dressed up as drag queens against each other. In an exclusive interview with Cairo Editore’s weekly F, he talks about the love he experiences and his relationship with men. Starting with his father to sharing the story with his last partner, Poste Italiane manager Fabio Adami. They met on the train: we sat far apart and with our backs to each other, so much so that he just turned to look at me. A look that wasn’t just something erotic, even if he was a handsome man, but full of promise. It contained everything from sweetness to what could happen in the future: nothing like this has ever happened to me. When we arrived in Rome she helped me with my suitcase and I just ran away, overcome by this feeling that was so strong and powerful that I could not understand. It was he who came after me to leave me my business card and asked me to call him for anything I needed.

Parietti says everyone tells her that she and her boyfriend love each other the way sixteen-year-olds usually do: we’re almost the same age — Fabio is six years younger than me — who have discovered that love is what makes a person happy. We’re experiencing a feeling that’s not new because we’ve had our experiences and he’s been through two marriages for something complete and strategized. Fabio was a fan of hers, he defines himself as one of the 60 million Italians who are in love with Alba Parietti. He says their story actually began thirty years ago. The interview closes with a question: Looking back, have you ever regretted a love affair? Parietti responds like this: maybe I made some wrong choices, maybe I made some mistakes, how my story with Christopher Lambert could have been, not because he didn’t fall in love, but because he really couldn’t love. Ultimately, I’m not the type to carry the pain, and I’ve closed all the most important stories of my life. In love I have only suffered for those worthy, I have always had a great ability to turn drama into farce.

November 24, 2022 (Change November 24, 2022 | 18:58)