Héctor Suárez Gomís never thought what would happen when he decided to shave his head

Héctor Suárez Gomís never thought what would happen when he decided to shave his head

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - MARCH 15: Hector Suarez Gomis performs live on stage in the Stand Up Show called El pelon en tiempos de Colera at NH Hotel on March 15, 2011 in Mexico City, Mexico.  it reached 300 presentations (Photo by Guillermo Angulo /Clasos.com/LatinContent via Getty Images)

Héctor Suárez Gomís during a presentation on El pelón en los tiempos del cólera in 2011 (Photo: Guillermo Angulo /Clasos.com/LatinContent via Getty Images).

Many women have struggled throughout our lives with physical insecurities, the same ones men experience but rarely talked about how it happened Hector Suarez Gomisbetter known than that Pelon Gomiswhich she witnessed when she was young.

In his blooming twenties, Héctor was — let’s face it — credited as the son of comedian Héctor Suárez (¿Qué pasa nos?) and for a few appearances in Televisa melodramas (Principessa, Nuevo amanecer, My Second Mother), until he achieved the successful teenage soap opera Alcanzar un estrella, which produced celebrities such as Eduardo Capetillo and Mariana Garza, then from Timbiriche, but was also a platform for others such as Andrea Legarreta, Angélica Rivera and Gomís himself.

But he did not fully enjoy the achieved fame, the actor began to lose his hair and looked for alternatives that would help him regain his security. What he couldn’t imagine at the time was that accepting his future baldness would become his trademark.

“I was bald very young, at 22 I was shaved longer than with hair,” the 54-year-old singer also said in a recent interview with Tere Vale. He confessed that he had traveled to Beverly Hills with the idea of ​​a hair transplant and to the office of the doctor who would be treating him after seeing the attention he was attracting from his team for being a popular one at the time Actor was The doctor gave him the most honest diagnosis he could get.

“He took me to his office and put me in front of a camera, on the monitor with a program, he removed my hair and said to me ‘Did you see the shape of your head?, your eyebrows, the closed beard; shave; If I operate on you, I am the only beneficiary because you will give me a lot of money; You are an actor, you can play many characters with or without hairdon’t have the surgery,'” he advised.

He didn’t hesitate to follow the advice and when he left he bought a razor to start the process. “I came to my hotel room, the first thing I took off was the top to see myself. ‘Is that all your anger and all your despair?'” he said to himself, and that’s where Pelón Gomís was born .

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Lorena Rojas, his partner at the time, finally convinced him of his decision. “He liked it, (he said to me) ‘how good you look! I’m not used to seeing you like this, but you look very good, the contrast of your eyebrows with the fact that you have nothing looks good ‘I started tanning so it looked even (his bald head) because he was very white and I didn’t think this would become my trademark“.

The actor is proud to have been the first of several (Manuel Landeta, Jorge Poza, Ulises de la Torre) to embrace his baldness, “I’m the bald guy, none of my other peers, they were all scared”, too if that meant missing on-screen opportunities. In 2014, he revealed in an interview with Ritmoson that “several producers told me my career was over, including Juan Osorio, so I like to make fun of him whenever I can, he told me to start something else, because I would never work again.”

These bad wishes were far from reality and he was called for new soap operas (El premio mayor, Salud, dinero y amor, Carita de ángel, etc.) until he had designers of both sexes, in addition to forays into his own series cinema and theater, that you were also successes.

With more than three decades without hair, she hasn’t ruled out wearing wigs when the character deserves it, as she did for the telenovela 100 Days to Fall in Love with Telemundo.

And do you miss hair? No, he even admits to feeling uncomfortable. “I feel weird, it makes me hot, it bothers me a lot because it’s not a wiper either, the new systems that are also extraordinary, they stick it to you (with) several layers of glue, it’s not even noticeable around half an inch, it seems like it’s hair coming out of your skin, and you wash your hair with shampoo, conditioner, all normal, you can even dip with it and it doesn’t move”.


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