Heatwaves and poor air quality expected across country

Heatwaves and poor air quality expected across country

Smoke from wildfires will impact air quality in northern Quebec, while a special weather advisory is in effect for the south of the province due to “a mass of warm and wet air” that will last until Wednesday.

Environment Canada is warning the public that Monday through Wednesday will be particularly hot, with temperatures possibly exceeding 30 degrees Celsius and humidity between 35 and 40.

Rain warnings are in effect for Coral Harbor and Kinngait, New Brunswick, where heavy showers are expected Saturday evening or Sunday evening, while strong winds of up to 90 km/h are expected for northern Salluit, Quebec.

Further west, most of Ontario is also expected to be hit by a heatwave over the long weekend and into next week, with temperatures expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius at the Humidex Index.

Environment Canada has issued heat warnings for much of the province, saying a cold front will end the hot spell on Tuesday and in some areas on Wednesday.

Although nighttime temperatures will be below the warning threshold in certain areas, daytime maximums and the Humidex Index will be very unusual in early September.

In Manitoba, a heat warning is also in effect for the southeast of the province, including Winnipeg, with temperatures expected to top 30 degrees by Sunday evening.

Large portions of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia are under special air quality advisories due to wildfire smoke.