Heartless King Charles took away the title forever the most

Heartless King Charles took away the title forever: the most unpopular gesture

After King Charles III. having ascended the throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, he is in danger of becoming increasingly unpopular.

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His decisions are controversial: according to reports in the tabloid press, up to 100 employees of the former residence of the sovereign (Clarence House) are threatened with dismissal.

Adding to all this is some very bad news: heartless King Charles seems to have made an unfair move towards the Harry and Meghan’s children. What’s happening?

The tension that was already there before the Queen’s death increases. Here because.

Heartless King Charles takes the title from Harry and Meghan’s children

Harry and Meghan Markle’s children, little Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana, are prince and princess in every sense of the word, but there’s a “but.” Due to the recent decision of King Charles III. they cannot bear the title “Royal Heights”.

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The ruler stripped the title of royal heights from Harry and Meghan’s children who are now literally angry. The Dukes of Sussex have the right and demand the safety of their children, but their children, who no longer hold the title of royal heights, cannot benefit from the escort guaranteed for those who hold this title.

Security is a hot topic: Harry has been fighting for it for a long time, so much so that he has taken legal action against the Home Office. What he is asking for is adequate protection from the police (at his expense if required) while in the UK with his family. It is a more than legitimate request from the Duke of Sussex.

King Charles III unpopular and unfair

Important steps appeared to have been taken at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s death and funeral reconciliation. Now there is reason to believe that the heartless King intends to interrupt that reconciliation with a clear gesture so decided as to offend the Dukes of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan are upset and angry: Through a tabloid they highlighted the current situation. Prince Andrew’s daughters, Eugenia and Beatrice, enjoy status in diatribes despite not being royal, despite not officially representing the crown.

King Charles III does not show himself to be a just and impartial sovereign with this gesture. A king must be such, proving himself worthy of leading a nation. It must not discriminate against grandchildren: what do children have to do with it, despite the incompatibilities and wars between adults? They need to be protected, their safety is at stake and they cannot leave their safety to the whims of adults.

The king turns out to be heartless and in turn the queen he’s no exception: he’s partly complicit in this whole affair that infuriates the subjects. It’s a delicate matter and the current queen should mediate to unite, not divide, rather than support her spouse in this absurd decision.

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