Heartbreaking New Details About Jay Briscoe’s Death    Zona Wrestling

Heartbreaking New Details About Jay Briscoe’s Death Zona Wrestling

Unfortunately, as we found out Jay Briscoe died in a car accident at the age of 38. After his death became public knowledge, messages of condolences poured out, heartbreaking for everyone in the wrestling community. Now we have even more information about this tragedy and it is very difficult to read, so we caution anyone who may be sensitive about this.

Other people involved in the accident

Ringside News received the 911 emergency services log. A woman also appears to have died at the scene. This story only gets worse as more information is revealed.

It is also believed that the daughter of Jay Briscoe was in the wreck and was listed as a “critical pediatric patient” on the registry. We were told that at the time they were returning from a cheerleading competition. Two died at the scene and two others were taken to the hospital. You can check the emergency protocol below.

Sussex Laurel
Smash – catch, fire
16523 Laurel Rd – Little Hill RD area
Laurel (81), Gumboro (79), Doctors, Millsboro (83)

Multiple calls report up to 4 trapped patients.

17:18 – First arrival confirming captivity and fire
17:29 – Command alert 1 critical pediatric patient, 2nd critical patient.
Rate two more.

17:41 – EMS advises that 2 adult fatalities and 2 critically ill patients are being transported at this time.

Road closed for a long time

Bryan Alvarez later reported that the daughter’s school Jay Briscoe will be closed tomorrow. There was an official announcement from the school that described the event as “an unthinkable tragedy”. This is a terrible situation for everyone involved.

Our thoughts are with the entire family Jay Briscoe and to everyone connected with this terrible event at this time.