Hearing for the first time and bursting into tears the

Hearing for the first time and bursting into tears: the deaf child’s emotional response Repubblica TV

https://video.repubblica.it/mondo/sente-per-la-prima-volta-e-scoppia-in-lacrime-l-emozionante-reazione-del-bambino-sordo/435959/436925 Copy Copy

The medical analyzes had decided almost definitively: He will no longer be able to hear, not even with hearing aids. But Klener Villaroel, a young Venezuelan teenager, never lost heart and always faced his deafness with great hope thanks to an unshakable tenacity. A willpower that paid off a few days ago when Klener was able to hear again thanks to the donation of 3 hearing aids for him and two other children in the community. The first reaction is astonishment and joy: the young man rolls his eyes and breaks out into a broad smile, then the emotions overflow and Klener cannot hold back the tears. The video shared by the Mayor of City Hall went viral, garnering comments and emotional reactions from users.

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