Hearing against ex  guerrillas in El Salvador       begins

Hearing against ex guerrillas in El Salvador begins

San Salvador, January 19 (Prensa Latina) The hearing against seven ex-guerrillas from the last war in El Salvador on murder crimes, illegal negotiations and false imprisonment begins today in this capital.

On January 11, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) ordered the arrest of six former members of the National Resistance for their alleged involvement in the assassination of María Inés Alvarenga on August 22, 1989, while the other defendant resides in the United States.

The detainee’s lawyer, Dennis Muñoz, said the allegation made by FGR was contradictory and unfounded and did not provide sufficient grounds for provisional detention.

The defense alleges that prosecutors lack evidence to charge those arrested with a crime for which there is no legal basis, as there is no autopsy to legally recognize the victim of the murders, nor peripheral evidence that indicate the existence of a death.

Prosecutors say the detainees deprived the woman of her freedom, linked her to the armed forces, tortured her for 15 days and killed her in a guerrilla camp.

Various organizations demanding the release of the accused claim that their revenge arrest is due to the possibility of reactivating metal mining in the department of Cabañas, which is opposed by the Social Development Association of Santa Marta (Ades), to which the detainees belong .

On the other hand, a report by the Central American University José Simeón Cañas (UCA) revealed evidence of mining returning to the country, linked to the position of the group of arrested community leaders and ex-combatants against this company.

According to the scientists at the education center, there are several indications that the arrests of the ex-guerrillas and community leaders are linked to plans to repeal the law banning metal mining, pushed by the group of community leaders in Santa Martha, cabins.

This Thursday, members of the Bloque de Resistencia y Rebeldía Popular will protest in front of the Isidro Menéndez Justice Center in this capital, demanding the release of those imprisoned.