Heading for a hot and muggy weekend

Heading for a hot and muggy weekend

Quebecers taking part in the nearly fifty active festivals in the province this weekend will have to arm themselves with a bottle of very cold water, with the feelings of 40 expected on much of the territory.

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This weekend, Environment Canada again issued a heat warning for the Montérégie metropolitan area, Laurentides, Lanaudière, Estrie and most of Outaouais and Centre-du-Quebec.

“The combined temperature and humidity readings give a Humidex factor of 40 or higher on Saturday. This heat will last until Sunday,” the federal agency provided in its web publication.

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Jean-Philippe Bégin, more urbanized regions will be the first to feel this extreme heat wave this weekend, especially on Saturday, which will be much sunnier.

A UV index of 7 to 8 is also expected for the weekend, so sunscreen should be in order. “You really need to stay hydrated, don’t wait until you get thirsty before drinking water. Avoid too much physical activity in the afternoon when we reach the maximum heat and humidity of the day,” the meteorologist recommended.

Vulnerable people such as the elderly and children are asked to stay indoors if possible or take a short break in the air conditioner.

Tips for festival goers

Vigilance is required for festival-goers on this beautiful weekend. “Drink enough. Listen to your body. Those who don’t tolerate heat well must act accordingly. People recognize each other,” said Jean-Philippe Bégin.

A cooler week

Expect showers from Sunday, although the temperature will remain essentially the same. Rather, we will observe a significant temperature fluctuation from Monday.

Humidity should drop starting Monday with the passage of a stormy disturbance, particularly for the greater Montreal area. “We won’t see any real recovery until Monday when temperatures are expected to be slightly lower than normal for the season, around 20 degrees Celsius. There will be a great contrast,” said Mr Bégin.