“He wanted to escape …”: Simona Ventura, this time the revelation is really special

“He wanted to escape …”: Simona Ventura, this time the revelation is really special

Simona Ventura and the message published on social networks. A very special revelation, even if it wasn’t made directly by her

Some characters in the world of show They have built their careers thanks to the great sacrifice made over time, but also thanks to great empathy. The smartest have understood that building an important relationship with the audience is the first weapon necessary to keep a hit over the years and, above all, always ready to stay on top under any circumstances. The keyword remains versatility, the one necessary to face any type of format. With all her personality, she was one of those women who could be called a real lady in the entertainment world today.

Simon VenturaSimona Ventura (web source)

Yes, because the career of Simon Ventura it had a peculiar, but at the same time very important development. A woman of great charisma, a trait she always poured onto the small screen when asked to direct her programs. Especially at the RAI, Ventura got the opportunity to show itself to the general public with many important programs. For example, how can we forget when Simona was the leading face of “Quelli che il calcio,” a program that saw its golden years thanks to Ventura.

Of course, gossip was also often crucial to Simona’s career. His love affair with the former footballer Stefano Bettarini, it was one of the most talked about in the last thirty years. The two loved each other very much, even if they eventually realized that they could not continue their relationship. They started a family, but that wasn’t enough to keep them together. Simona and Stefano have also been the focus of some media talks in recent years, testifying to how much their love story has remained in the collective imagination as one of the most iconic.

Simona Ventura ditched the stories on Instagram…

Certainly it’s not the gossip or her history with Bettarini, the main element that has made Simona such an important figure in the entertainment world. Her stage presence, leadership skills and, as previously mentioned, a unique charisma that has always allowed this woman to pierce the screen and get straight to the screen heart of the public.

Stories by Simona VenturaStories by Simona Ventura (Instagram)

In recent years, Simona has also significantly increased her work on social media. Many photos published, but mainly related to his working life. But in the last few hours, a very special story has appeared on his Instagram profile. In fact, Ventura reported on a newspaper article, more specifically on an interview with her partner Giovanni Terzi for “Libero”.

Chat the journalist had with Antonella D’Agostino, a historical friend and former companion of Vallanzasca. “An honorable one he wanted to escape con Renè”, is the title of the interview that was only published in the last few hours. So Ventura’s message was clear: “An interview that needs to be read in one breath,” wrote the presenter.