He triggers a police chase while asleep at the wheel

He triggers a police chase while asleep at the wheel of his Tesla on “autopilot” mode

The driver of a Tesla who fell asleep in his electric car after activating the “Autopilot” option sparked a police chase.

Patrol officers in Bavaria said in a Sky News statement they tried to intercept the 45-year-old man for a traffic stop.

However, the vehicle continued for 15 minutes and refused to stop despite repeated siren calls from authorities.

“Officials observed the driver of the Tesla lying in his seat with his eyes closed and his hands on the wheel,” the statement said.

The electric car, which was traveling at 110 km/h on the motorway, always kept the same distance from its pursuer, leading police to suspect that the “autopilot” function was activated.

The driver finally woke up after about a quarter of an hour and followed the instructions of the police.

The statement said the person had abnormalities related to taking medication.

Police also found a steering wheel weight in the ground, an accessory used to trick the vehicle’s security system into pretending hands are on the wheel.

The driver is threatened with criminal charges for endangering road traffic. An investigation is underway.

It is forbidden for a car owner in Germany to only use the autonomous driving functions. According to Sky News, they must remain in control of their vehicle at all times.