1674386976 He stole your dress Sonia Bruganelli comments on Maria de

“He stole your dress,” Sonia Bruganelli comments on Maria de Filippi’s look at C’è Posta Per Te

C’è Posta Per Te’s Maria de Filippi last night chose the same dress that Sonia Bruganelli wore at GF VIP last year. Some fans pointed out the detail to Signorini’s columnist: “He copied you,” Bonolis’ wife’s immediate response.

He stole your dress Sonia Bruganelli comments on Maria de

Maria DeFilippi last night, during the third date with You have mailShe wore the same dress worn by Sonia Bruganelli about a year ago during an episode of the VIP Big Brother. During the evening, the most attentive viewers noticed the detail and made it public: “Sonia Bruganelli, Maria de Filippi He stole your dress. Forgive her.” Bonolis’ wife commented on the amusing backgrounds in the stories.

Sonia Bruganelli’s commentary

It was the February 24, 2022 episode of Big Brother VIP 6 when Sonia Bruganelli wore the same mini dress that Maria de Filippi chose for the third evening of C’è Posta Per Te, broadcast last night on Canale 5. Last night a page from Bruganelli’s Instagram fan club made the detail public: “Sonia, Maria stole your dress. Forgive her,” she wrote in Stories. “I’m honoured”the answer of the commentator of Alfonso Signorini’s reality show, followed by numerous emoticons, a mixture of laughter and smileys with hearts.

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How much does the dress chosen by Maria de Filippi and Sonia Bruganelli cost?

The mini dress chosen by the two famous TV faces, chic and elegant, is signed Alexander McQueen, the British brand chosen several times by Maria de Filippi and also so loved by Kate Middleton. The short jacquard knit dress has a flared skirt, raglan sleeves and three white lines down the center that accentuate the feminine shape. Given its value, it is a precious dress: it costs 1790 euros.

You have Post 2023: the videos of the stories from the Saturday 14 January episode

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The third episode of C’è Posta Per Te with Stefano De Martino and Massimo Ranieri

Yesterday evening, Saturday 21 January, the third episode of the Maria de Filippi program was broadcast, in which friends, relatives and acquaintances can meet again thanks to the famous and iconic “envelope”. In fact, during the evening Salvo was able to hug his son Alessio and Pasquale may have rediscovered the relationship with his daughters Cristina and Stefania. Massimo Ranieri it allowed Chiara and her brothers to give their mother a touching surprise by introducing her to their favorite singer, Alessia also met her favorite TV character, Stephen DeMartinothanks to the surprise of the aunt.